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Vidhia’s mother cried goodbye to Dat Villa

The trip to Indonesia of the “top” idol Dat Villa has attracted a lot of attention from netizens. If the fan couple Dat Villa – Vidhia expressed admiration and interest for the special love story, many people also think that the couple is quite noisy, somewhat over-colored, so it’s a bit “obnoxious”.

However, despite mixed opinions, Dat Villa and Vidhia are still comfortable updating the images, Exciting and emotional moments. The clip when the idol broke up with his girlfriend’s family, specifically Vidhia’s mother to return home recently is an example.

Video of Vidhia’s mother crying when Dat Villa returned home

In the clip, Vidhia’s mother shows attachment and concern for Dat Villa. Even in a moment, she even shed tears, proving that the relationship between the two sides is quite emotional and good.

Before this emotion, Dat Villa kissed Vidhia’s mother and comforted her mother before leaving. Witnessing this parting, Vidhia sitting next to her couldn’t help but shed tears. After that, the couple and a few relatives moved to the airport for Dat Villa to return home.

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Vidhia’s mother holds hands and whispers to Dat Villa

Clip clarifies the relationship of Dat Villa and Vidhia's mother: Is it as good as rumors?  - Photo 3.

Dat Villa says goodbye to his girlfriend’s mother

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Both mother and daughter Vidhia shed tears in the moment of parting

The clip quickly caught people’s attention, earning nearly 12 million views and 1.3 million heart-stopping views after 17 hours of posting. In the comments section, many people left words of encouragement and blessing for the couple:

– Tears follow. Sincerely here. You two must be happy!

– Although I don’t like it very much, I still admire your love. The distance will not be far if both see each other as everything.

– If you want to know how much a man loves you, look at how he treats your family.

– Seeing mama (Vidhia’s mother – PV) shed tears but was so touched. Mama also really loves Dat. Try to cultivate this love, guys.

Before that, in An interview about having a 7-year-old stepdaughterDat Villa also said that Vidhia’s mother knew this, but there was no difficulty or obstacle. “Fortunately Vidhia’s mother also sympathizes with me, she says it’s okay” – Dat said.

Photo: Synthesis

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