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Why did Cao Cao’s illness not be cured but still directly killed Hua Tuo? It took 12 years for Cao Phi to understand

In ancient times, there was a famous physician named Flowers. The famous doctor is known to be very good at internal medicine, surgery and paediatrics.

Despite her talent, Hoa Tu unfortunately passed away early. Until now, posterity still has many doubts about his death. The majority of views believe that the famous physician died due to Cao Cao murder.

After all, why did Cao Cao do this? Is there a twist in this story?


According to people handed down, Flowers was born in 145 and was killed by Cao Cao in 208. He traveled extensively in his youth and was very interested in medicine. At that time, for those who could read and write, the way to become important to the dynasty was respected. Meanwhile, Hoa Da chose the path of traveling to practice medicine.

He has traveled all over Anhui, Shandong, Henan (China) and other places to treat people and treat wounds. The famous doctor has made many achievements in medicine. It is said that two people with fever and unbearable headache, they went to Hua Tuo for treatment.

Although the two of them had the same appearance on the outside, Hua Tuo gave them two completely different prescriptions: One was a heat stimulant, the other was a cooling medicine. Both of them found it a bit strange, but after taking the medicine, their bodies quickly recovered.

Why did Cao Cao's illness not be cured but still directly killed Hua Tuo?  After 12 years, Cao Phi understood - Photo 1.

Illustration of the goddess of medicine Hoa Da.

Later, it was discovered that Hua Tuo had discovered that the two of them had two different diseases. Only highly skilled medical people can see this.

Not only that, the god of medicine also discovered many special effects of Chinese herbal medicines, invented the magic of the canopy (an early anesthetic drug in the world). In addition to curing diseases, he soon realized the role of health maintenance and created the “Five jin yi” (an ancient qigong exercise).

Not stopping there, Hoa Tu also soon found a surgical method to help people remove tumors and remove wounds, saving lives. Although this method has not been perfected, it still makes posterity respect.

Hua Tuo’s reputation is getting bigger and bigger. At that time, because Cao Cao fought for many years, he suffered from rheumatism and often had unbearable headaches. Hearing about Hua Tuo’s fame, Cao Cao sent someone to invite him to his side.

Each time, Hua Tuo used acupuncture to relieve headaches, but when Cao Cao asked if it could be cured, Hua Tuo said that there are two ways, one is acupuncture, the other is skull surgery.

Cao Cao feels the risk of brain surgery is very big. Combined with his cynical nature, he was very nervous when putting his life in the hands of others. So Cao Cao Keep Hua Tuo with you to cure headaches with acupuncture and massage.

Why did Cao Cao's illness not be cured but still directly killed Hua Tuo?  After 12 years, Cao Phi understood - Photo 3.

Hua Tuo visits Cao Cao’s illness.

After Hua Tuo stayed by Cao Cao’s side for a while, he asked for leave because his wife in the countryside was old and weak, sick again, and expected to return to take care of the family.

After Hua Tuo returned to his hometown, he did not want to return, and Cao Cao urged him many times. However, the god of medicine always used the fact that his wife was seriously ill as an excuse to hide. Cao Cao suspected that he should send someone to investigate. As a result, Cao Wei’s general learned the truth that Hua Tuo was not sincere and ordered him to be sent to prison, and finally charged him with cheating.

At that time, there were people around to dissuade Cao Cao, thinking that Hua Tuo’s medical skills were good, so they were tolerant. But Cao Cao felt that Hua Tuo was useless, so he tortured to death in prison. His medical books were also completely missing.


Hua Tuo was killed by Cao Cao in 208, 12 years later Cao Cao also died. In 220, Cao Phi, Cao Cao’s son, took over to understand why his father insisted on killing Hua Tuo.

The first reason, Cao Cao didn’t want to risk Hua Tuo dissecting his skull. After all, although Hua Tuo was outstanding, at that time the material conditions were still backward and incomplete. Therefore, craniotomy is an extremely dangerous thing. Especially for people in a high position like Cao Cao, this trade-off is completely unreasonable.

The second reason, Cao Cao punishes those who dare to deceive him. Hua Tuo was just a doctor at that time, although talented, he had no position. As a leader of a hundred troops like Cao Cao, it was unforgivable to be deceived by a petty person.

The third reason, Cao Cao wants to strengthen his authority. At that time, Cao Cao had just begun to build up his forces, he had great ambitions, hoping to defeat the Ngo Dynasty in the next battle of Xich Bich.

Why did Cao Cao's illness not be cured but still directly killed Hua Tuo?  After 12 years, Cao Phi understood - Photo 6.

Cao Cao has his own reasons.

To prepare for this battle, Cao Cao needed capable and loyal people. So he began recruiting capable and righteous people across the country, hoping that they could serve him.

Cao Cao believes that if Hua Tuo’s deception is not severely punished, other talented people in the world will also follow and not respect themselves. Cao Cao’s hand with Hua Tuo is also a warning to others.

The end

Cao Cao definitely wanted to kill Hua Tuo not just to prevent or release his usual anger. Behind this decision is the trick of “killing the chicken to scare the monkey” to help him strengthen his authority in the world, thereby attracting and retaining talented people.

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