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Why does U23 Vietnam need Tien Linh at SEA Games 31?

U23 Vietnam did not score a single goal in the Dubai Cup 2022, but Coach Park Hang Seo was not worried because he had a “killer” in his hand.

U23 Vietnam ended the friendly tournament Dubai Cup 2022 without scoring, conceding 2 goals after 3 matches against Iraq, Croatia and Uzbekistan teams.

Job U23 VietnamOnly conceding 2 goals is commendable, even if the defense lacks important pillars promoted to Vietnam such as Viet Anh, Thanh Binh, and Van Xuan.

However, after 3 matches, the attack of U23 Vietnam was empty, leaving many worries. In the matches in the UAE, the students of coach Lee Young Jin all had the opportunity but did not hit the opponent’s net once.

U23 Vietnam alarmed the public: Waiting for Tien Linh at SEA Games
U23 Vietnam “didn’t” after 3 matches in Dubai Cup 2022

Especially in the last match against Uzbekistan, the U23 Vietnamese strikers had at least 6 clear opportunities, but were powerless to score.

It is worth mentioning that coach Lee Young Jin brought to Dubai this time… 9 strikers, including Xuan Tu, Van Tung, Van Dat, Quoc Viet, Thanh Minh, Nguyen Hoang, Manh Dung, Viet Cuong, Minh Khoa.

Among these, many players are the main kick in the First Division, or are stars in the youth leagues as in the case of Quoc Viet.

Besides the ability to switch from defense to slow counterattack, the fact that U23 Vietnam does not have a real goalscorer is the problem that was most clearly seen in the last Dubai Cup 2022.

Why does U23 Vietnam need Tien Linh at SEA Games 31?
Tien Linh is the player that Coach Park Hang Seo needs at the 31st SEA Games

But maybe Coach Park Hang Seo Not too worried because at the next SEA Games 31, the teams can add 3 players over 23 years old to the list.

Tien Linh is the person that Mr. Park desperately needs right now to solve the problem of public goods for U23 Vietnam.

The striker of Binh Duong club suffered an injury during the last gathering in Vietnam, but it is not a problem. The next 1 month will help Tien Linh not only fully recover, but also get acquainted with the juniors and the way of playing in U23 Vietnam.

Of course, Coach Park Hang Seo is still waiting for U23 Vietnam to have a striker with enough color to pair with Tien Linh in attack.

Hopefully, after the Dubai Cup, the young players will learn many lessons and perfect themselves to be ready for the campaign to defend the SEA Games gold medal at home.

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