Will not sign any documents that Russia has the right to veto

On April 2 (local time), David Arahamia, head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Russia-Ukraine talks, said in an interview with the media that if any document stipulates that “Russia can veto” then Ukraine will not sign the document.

Arahamia said that Russia’s veto means that Ukraine will not have security guarantees, so Ukraine advocates signing a peace treaty with Russia, but security guarantees will be provided by other countries. and Russia cannot stop this process. Mr Arahamia believes that Ukraine will “pave the way” for Russia to accept this position, otherwise the two sides will not be able to sign any documents.

Mr. Arahamia revealed that the three NATO members are ready to become Ukraine’s intended security guarantors.

The head of the Arahamian delegation stressed that when Ukraine’s security is guaranteed, a referendum will be held to decide whether to amend Ukraine’s constitutional provisions on neutrality. If the Ukrainian people vote in a referendum to continue joining NATO, then Ukraine will hold new negotiations with Russia.

“We need security from the top countries,” Zelensky said in an interview with Fox News on the April 1 broadcast.

“We want those countries to openly join the US, UK, Germany, France, Turkey. The countries I just mentioned have expressed their willingness to be security guarantors or have been in contact and discussed about this. drafts to ensure security early,” Zelensky said.

Within the framework of the round of negotiations with Russia that took place in Istanbul, Turkey at the end of March, Ukraine proposed a new security assurance system. The treaty proposed by Ukraine includes a national neutrality regime.


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