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3 things that are “sensitive to the smell of money” if placed in a safe, while keeping wealth warm, and attracting more opportunities to develop wealth, all year “counting money is tiring”

1. Pi Huu – Chieu talent, attract fortune in four directions

Pi Xiu is a beast with curved horns and mane, similar in shape to a Unicorn but with wings, often present in ancient legends.

According to feng shui, placing Pi Xiu in the house will help homeowners always have peace, have good luck and prosperity because the horn of Pi Huu has the effect of warding off evil spirits, turning evil into good.

This feng shui object is also said to have the ability to attract fortune, attract fortune to family members because they often eat gold, silver, precious stones, and have no anus, so they only eat it without releasing it. out. This brings the meaning of luck in fortune, keeping wealth for the owner.

Therefore, many people believe that placing Pi Huu on top of the safe and facing the main door or window can call for fortune to gather in the family. At the same time, the wealth in the safe is also “guarded” by this feng shui object so that it will not be lost.

Note when using:

Usually, each Pixiu has a different color, which will bring different meanings. Typically, the color black can often help homeowners get great benefits, career advancement; Yellow color implies that everything will be favorable and smooth in the new year; White helps the family to be healthy, harmonious and warm; Blue brings good luck at work, opens up many new opportunities…

The direction of the Pixiu can’t face the seat or the bed because it is equivalent to sucking away one’s own wealth.

At the same time, because Pi Xiu only loads in and does not release, except for the good side of bringing wealth and prosperity, this feng shui object also has a negative side that is easy to lose balance. Homeowners should keep a good heart, often help others, avoid bottomless greed, then fortune will be sustainable in the long run.

2. Feng shui coins – Banish negative energy, bring wealth

Feng shui coins represent good energies, attract wealth, money, bring wealth and affluence to the owner, just as its name suggests. This feng shui object also has the effect of purifying murderous gas and dispelling negative energies. Therefore, it helps the members of the house to be warm, harmonious, and all favorable.

Usually, according to feng shui, 5-pointed and 10-pointed apricot flowers placed in the family’s safe can contribute to attracting wealth and fortune. Because 5 wings represent the five elements, 10 wings represent good luck. Thus, feng shui coins can bring good luck to the owner’s career and reputation, the family has a lot of luck and peace.

3 things that are sensitive to the smell of money, if placed in a safe, keep your wealth warm, and attract more opportunities for wealth, all year

Feng shui coin items have the meaning of luck, bring good fortune. Photo: Internet

Note when using:

Feng Shui always focuses on balancing yin and yang energy, so even using feng shui coins to attract fortune should not be abused too much. If you hang a lot of coins right at the door of the house, it will be counterproductive. It is advisable to avoid hanging on the back door because this is a symbolic place to escape.

Many people believe that coins will promote their full potential when hung at the main door, especially in the West, North-West direction. Because, the coin represents Kim and is the administration of these two directions.

3. Thiem Thu – Sensitive to the “smell of wealth”, living in a prosperous place

Thiem Thu is also an animal derived from ancient legend. This mascot is described as being able to spew wealth and money, being very sensitive to the “smell” of wealth and living only in prosperous places. At the same time, they also mainly “eat” gold, silver, and precious stones, so they are often depicted with three legs stepping on two layers of ancient coins, a coin in their mouth, and two strings of ancient coins on their sides.

Today, this ancient mascot is also known by names such as three-legged toad, toad of talent, toad of money.

According to feng shui, the meaning of Thiem Thu is a precious mascot, representing money and luck. They can bring prosperity and good fortune to the homeowner.

Because the place of Thiem Thu is located, that place will be the place to gather prosperity and attract money from the four directions, so many people often put this feng shui animal on top of the safe. Unlike the Pixiu, this animal should not direct its head outside the house, especially the door to avoid loss of wealth.

At the same time, because it is a legendary beast, this feng shui object is also said to be able to help the owner ward off evil spirits and turn evil into sand.

3 things that are sensitive to the smell of money, if placed in a safe, while keeping wealth warm, and attracting more opportunities for wealth, all year

Note when using:

The feng shui feng shui traps often have many different sizes, so to be appropriate, homeowners also need to choose the type that is suitable for the space they intend to arrange. For example, if you have a table, you should choose a smaller size than it is in the living room.

Feng shui experts also think that Thuem Thu made of natural materials, including copper, wood and natural stone, is the best because it gathers energy from nature, heaven and earth. These are usually good energies for family, life and career.

(Information is for contemplation and reference only)

*According to 163, Sohu, Internet

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