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6 worst apps on Google Play-Information Technology

Monday, April 4, 2022 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

Recently, the Android Authority page listed the 6 worst apps on Google Play, including Facebook and some Google apps.

1. Amazon Prime Video

The app was officially launched in 2014, however, it took 3 years for Amazon Prime Video to be available on Google Play. Not stopping there, it took Amazon about 5 years to bring their products to smart TVs (using Android operating system) or Chromecast.

In 2022, Amazon Prime Video is a really good video streaming service, and it took the company only about 10 years of nasty mistakes to get there.

6 worst apps on Google Play - 1

2. Cheetah Mobile

Most of the company’s apps are bad for various reasons. For example, Clean Master, this application has great downloads, but it does not work as announced by the manufacturer. In short, speeding apps just make your phone drain battery faster and reduce performance.

However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Cheetah Mobile is also entangled in a lot of controversies related to excessive user tracking. The company is accused of using bots to simulate real people in order to defraud advertising partners.

Google has now banned Cheetah Mobile and removed their apps, including AnTuTu, citing poor user experience.

6 worst apps on Google Play - 2

3. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer was once one of the coolest apps on Android, allowing users to manage files and quickly view various types of data.

However, in 2016 the developers released one of the worst updates. Not only did they put ads in the free version of the app, but they also started adding phone acceleration features that, as described above, don’t actually work.

Things go further when ads appear on the lock screen again. In 2019, a critical vulnerability was discovered, then Google Play took this opportunity to blacklist ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer was also later banned in India when the country issued a ban on Chinese apps in 2020. Even so, you can still download the app from the official website for $9.99/ month.

6 worst apps on Google Play - 3

4. Facebook

Although it is a popular application on Android and iOS but Facebook has a lot of troubles, for example, messy user interface, consuming battery, many ads, taking up storage space…

A few years ago, Facebook split Messenger into separate, clunky and resource-intensive apps, and if there’s anything worse than Facebook, it’s Messenger.

Facebook constantly appears in the list of battery-draining applications, regardless of whether the user has disabled the background feature. In addition, the company is also investigated for scandals and data leaks such as Cambridge Analytica.

The constant problems caused public outrage, and the number of Facebook users began to decline for the first time in 2022.

6 worst apps on Google Play - 4

5. Google Allo

Google Allo was competed by Google Hangouts itself, at that time, Allo lacked quite a few features compared to similar applications on the Internet, which made the application unable to compete and gradually died from Google.

6 worst apps on Google Play - 5

6. Move to iOS

This is a private application of Apple, support Android users to transfer data to iPhone. However, the application encountered a lot of silly errors and only scored 2.7 stars on Google Play.

6 worst apps on Google Play - 6

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