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9X Hung Yen was pregnant for 9 months without knowing it, went to the doctor and was shocked to see the scene

Recently, BSCKI Vu Cong Bai – Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Section of Khoai Chau District Hospital, Hung Yen shared about the rarest and most special case he has ever faced during his 12 years working as a pregnant woman until the 35th week without any symptoms. gave birth right at her clinic when she came to the doctor.

Doctor Vu Cong Bai shared on his personal page: “Celebrating an unforgettable day in the life of a doctor since entering the profession. In my 12 years as an obstetrician, I have come across mother’s case pregnant 3 months, 4 months, 6 months without realizing I was pregnant but this time the most memorable. The woman who is about to give birth in the third position in reverse but the patient does not know that she is pregnant and goes to the clinic for ultrasound examination due to abdominal pain, the doctor performs an examination for the patient and when the patient is brought to the hospital, the examination table is completely shocked when the limbs are part of the body. under the fetus out.

Doctors quickly gave birth to a pregnant woman in a breech position at the clinic. Congratulations on the successful birth of a round mother and a square child. It’s sad that her mother didn’t take care of herself to lead to this dangerous situation. If it’s too late, I don’t know what the consequences will be. Because the baby’s mother did not know she was pregnant, the baby’s weight at birth was only 2.5 kg. So, Moms, please pay more attention to keep yourself from falling into the situation above.”

9X Hung Yen pregnant 9 months unconsciously, went to the doctor and was shocked when he saw the incident - 1

The most special and memorable birth in the 12 years of Dr. Bai.

Doctor Vu Cong Bai’s section received a lot of attention from everyone. Many people are surprised and surprised because during pregnancy there are signs such as late menstruation, pregnancy or the stomach is getting bigger, the body is getting tired, why can a mother subjectively not know that she is pregnant. In particular, mothers who have been pregnant twice can easily recognize the signs above. In addition, everyone also admires the doctor, thanks to his high skills and expertise, the mother has a round mother and a square child.

Contacting doctor Vu Cong Bai, the doctor said that a woman named .THL (32 years old, Hung Yen) came to the doctor on the afternoon of April 3 after suffering from stomach pain and missed periods from February until now. When going to the examination table, the doctor was surprised because the lower limbs of the fetus were outside. Doctors quickly gave birth to a pregnant woman in a breech position at the clinic. And at 03.30 WIB, the pregnant woman with HT was given a round baby by her mother, and a baby girl with a weight of 2.5 kg was born.

“The patient said that he still had normal menstruation, from February until now he had not had his period, so he only thought that his period was 1-2 months late. The patient wants to do an ultrasound to see if the pregnancy has entered the uterus. After I checked and ultrasound, the pregnancy is equivalent to about 34-35 weeks. In fact, the patient’s pregnancy was full term, but because it was unknown, not well cared for, her pregnancy was only equivalent to 34-35 weeks. Doctor Bai said.

9X Hung Yen pregnant 9 months don't know, went to the doctor and was shocked to see what happened - 2

Doctor Vu Cong Bai – Head of the Department of Obstetrics, Khoai Chau District Hospital, Hung Yen.

Describing a pregnant woman’s pregnancy without knowing it, Dr Bai said, perhaps because the woman had threatened a miscarriage before, but the woman did not think she was pregnant and was in danger of miscarriage. . In addition, it may be because the fetus is light and doesn’t kick much, so the mother thinks it’s a bowel movement but doesn’t think it’s a mechanical pregnancy.

Sharing more, doctor Vu Cong Bai said that the birth of a pregnant woman H. T took place in 10 minutes. Although the breech position has its dangerous risks as with a second delivery, fortunately the baby is small, women who give birth for the third time have a better widening of the perineum than the first pregnancy, so delivery is usually successful.

After the doctor finished everything, stitched up the perineum, the mother and daughter, HT, were taken to the hospital for observation. Currently, the health status of the mother and child is good. The baby was born weighing 2.5 kg in good health, eating, sleeping and breastfeeding normally.

Before commenting that this was a “similar story”, doctor Vu Cong Bai also confirmed that all the patients who came to the clinic that day were witnesses. Dr Bai added that he had encountered many cases of pregnancy without knowing it. Two weeks ago, the patient who came to the clinic for ultrasound for sterilization also knew that she was 27 weeks pregnant, or many women were 4 months, 5 months, 7 months pregnant without their knowledge. Even a mother who has failed IVF 2-3 times, then is 12 weeks pregnant doesn’t know until she goes to the doctor. Even though he had met many such cases, this was the first time he had met a pregnant woman with the biggest pregnancy until she gave birth without knowing it.

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