An 82-year-old man lost 5.5 billion VND after a call impersonating the police

After answering the phone of a person claiming to be a police officer who was verifying the case, an 82-year-old man in Hanoi had 5.5 billion dong stolen from his account.

On April 4, the police of Thanh Xuan district (Hanoi) were investigating the case of impersonating a police officer, cheat appropriated more than 5.5 billion dong.

Previously, on March 28, the police agency received a report from Mr. T. (82 years old, living in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) about being scammed by a phone caller claiming to be a police officer. large amount.

Specifically, the subject informed Mr. T. was involved in a case under investigation and asked him to provide a bank account for verification. Then Mr. T discovered that his account had lost more than 5.5 billion VND.

The 82-year-old man lost 5.5 billion dong after a call impersonating the police-1

According to the police, although there have been many warnings about the tricks of impersonating a police agency to cheat and appropriate property, there are still people who fall into the traps of the subjects because they do not update social information. , newspapers.

When the incident happened, the victim was afraid of losing credibility, so in some cases, he did not report it to the police agency, causing difficulties for investigation and handling.

Therefore, Hanoi City Police recommends people to be vigilant and propagate to relatives and friends about the above tricks.

To work with people, agencies police will directly send invitations, summons or send through the local police. Absolutely do not ask citizens to transfer money to bank accounts.

According to Tien Phong

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