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Android 13 for using 2 phone numbers at the same time?

One of the new features of Android 13 can help users use 2 phone numbers at the same time on the device. After “digging” the latest lines of Android code, the Esper blog said that it seems that Google is about to introduce Multiple Enable Profiles (MEP) into the operating system. This is technology Google applies for a copyright in 2020.

Simply put, the technology allows an eSIM to support two phone numbers and two carriers simultaneously. Current eSIMs can store multiple profiles but only activate one profile. Android 13 may remove this limitation at launch.

Android 13 for using 2 phone numbers at the same time?  - first

If this happens, Android 13 will make it easier for people to use 2 phone numbers without the need for 2 physical SIM cards. Dual SIM support is what many users expect, for example to separate work and personal numbers. However, it should also be remembered that in previous Android 13 previews, many features were added, tested, and then disappeared as a result of incompatibility. Therefore, we have to wait and see if the MEP actually emerges.

Over the years, SIM cards have gotten smaller and smaller. But manufacturers have not completely replaced the physical SIM tray for many reasons. For example, eSIM is incomplete and cannot use two numbers at the same time.

eSIM does the job of a physical SIM card but through an embedded module in the phone’s motherboard. They detect the device and connect to the registered carrier. The benefits of an eSIM are obvious: connection times are fast, just seconds, while the manufacturer makes use of the SIM tray’s space for another component or a larger battery. In the long run, traditional SIM cards won’t be as popular.

Android 13 is expected to be released later this year.

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