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At the age of 20, she is about to get married, she was stunned when she heard her mother reveal her true identity

Recently, YouTube regularly pops up a channel of loving connections, finding lost parents/children after decades of separation. In particular, these channels have received positive feedback from the online community for their effectiveness when broadcasting: People and families find each other after only a few hours and days. But there are still people who are still waiting for a miracle to happen to see their own flesh and blood again, usually the woman in the story below.

The 20 year old was dumbfounded when he heard that he was adopted

The main character in this story is Thien Huong (born 1988, An Giang’s hometown). She grew up in a family with 4 siblings, being the youngest daughter, so her parents loved her very much. At the age of 20, she married a young man from Hoc Mon district (HCMC) and moved there to live. At that moment, her mother decided to tell the truth about her background.

“Before I got in the flower car to go to my husband’s house, my mother called my room to talk. My mother told me that I was not her biological daughter, and was asked by her parents to adopt her from a woman who had just given birth at the An Giang Health Department (now Long Xuyen (An Giang) Hospital – PV). I was astonished not to believe that fact because there was no adopted child who was so cared for and pampered by adoptive parents. But when I put it all together, it’s true, because in the past, everyone told me that I wasn’t like my parents or my three brothers,” said Thien Huong.

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Thien Huong was in a daze when it came to his roots.

After learning about his origins, Thien Huong burst into tears and asked his mother why she adopted him. His mother immediately replied that they gave birth to 3 sons, then their health was weak, and they could not give birth again. However, both of them wanted a daughter to confide in, at that time, someone wanted to give her a child, so they decided to adopt her.

Thien Huong was adopted 72 hours after his birth. The nurse at the health department said that her birth mother was about 20 years old, tall, her skin was thin and white. Especially, when she cried, her grandmother was there. However, when he was admitted to the hospital, his grandmother hid his name and address, so there is no other information.

“The adoptive parents said that through some acquaintances at the hospital, they were able to ask a little bit of information about their birth mother. His biological mother lived in Can Tho, went to school in the city, then had a love affair with his teacher and became pregnant with his child. After that, my mother moved to Long Xuyen to take care of her baby and gave birth there with the intention of being born to be raised by someone else,” said Thien Huong sadly.

As she hugged Thien Huong, her adoptive father gave her birth mother several tens of thousands of dong to thank her for her contribution. But the girl refused to accept and cried. In the end, the money was helped by his grandmother. “Knowing that I was an adopted child, I really hated my birth mother. Why did she dare to fall in love, dare to have a child with a teacher, dare to give birth to herself, but she didn’t have the courage to raise herself? Then, listening to my adoptive father tell me, I don’t really blame my birth mother. Maybe she has her own suffering, very tormented when she has to “sell her children” to strangers”, the Western woman cries.

Want to meet my biological mother just once

Referring to the reason why more than a decade ago, he knew his identity well, but now he went to look for his birth mother, Thien Huong pondered: “Back then, my adoptive mother told me who I was, but she didn’t want me to leave. looking for a birth mother. Maybe she is afraid her daughter will be hurt again, that’s why she said that. I love my adoptive mother, so I dare not disobey her wishes.

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Thien Huong and his adoptive mother when he was little.

In recent years, he has fallen in love with himself more and more and suddenly changes his mind to find his birth mother. So he told me to go back to where I came from.”

Because it was “opened” by his adoptive mother, Thien Huong pondered for a long time. He was afraid that his adoptive mother would be sad when he saw his adopted daughter for more than 30 years groping for her biological mother. He was afraid that people would judge him as “thankful” to someone who had raised him. He was afraid that his biological mother would reject him, not daring to face it. He is afraid of anything related to his own background. However, she still wants to know who she is, whether she has the same beauty as her father or mother… Therefore, she decides to ask the help of the YouTube channel G, which specializes in connecting to find loved ones, to help with this wish. to meet his biological mother even once.

“I really hope that my birth mother or someone who knows my birth story will contact me. I really wanted to see my mother who had been gone for almost 35 years. I wish a miracle to happen to me”, Thien Huong expressed his wish.

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