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Before leaving, my neighbor gave me a precious gift

A few months ago, next to my house there was new neighbor move in. Their family is quite secretive, so every time we meet, we only say a few polite greetings. Even so, I know that family is always in turmoil.

They argued almost every day. Even, I could clearly hear the clinking of dishes and the sobs of neighbor sister. Many times I met her, saw her arm bruised, I intended to ask but then stopped.

Until that day, I heard a loud quarrel coming from the neighbor’s house. Afraid of something, I immediately called regional police. Moments later, I saw the police knocking on their door. Only then did the controversy end. I also don’t know how the police handle it.

Two months later, I no longer see the neighbor’s sister and son at home. Her husband still goes in and out alone. Occasionally, I even caught him coming home drunk.

Yesterday afternoon when I was cooking rice, the neighbor’s sister suddenly knocked on the door and came in to talk. It turned out that before, because of resignation, she hid from her family. That day, after the police came to the house, she felt that she was so miserable that she told her parents the story. Both sides of the family agreed to her divorce. When she talked to me, her eyes lit up with hope:

“I have been divided into property, the money is not too much, but it is enough to rebuild my life. There is something I want to ask you. Were you the one who called the police that day?”

I nodded. Knowing the truth, she left a gift bag to thank and left. When my neighbor left, I opened the gift bag and was dumbfounded when I found out that there was 50 million inside. Honestly, I never expected her to repay me in this way. However, my family’s economic situation is also difficult. In your opinion, what should I do with that money?

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