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Candidates for admission to military schools should note these things

Today, Ban Admissions Military, the Ministry of Defense met with the press to introduce the military recruitment in 2022. According to the Department of Schools, Ministry of National Defense, in 2022, 15 out of 17 military schools will recruit candidates nationwide. Only the 1st Army Officer School enrolls students from Quang Binh onwards and the 2nd Army Officer School enrolls students from Quang Tri onward.

Military schools continue to recruit students by taking the results of the high school graduation exam for admission.

Candidates for admission to military schools should note these things - 1

This year, 3 academies were able to recruit female candidates, including Military Technical Academy with 24 targets for the fields of Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Biomedical Electronics, Optical Weapons, Geoinformatics; 30 training targets for doctors at the Military Medical Academy; 8 training targets in English Language, Russian Language, Chinese Language and International Relations at the Military Academy of Science and Technology.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of National Defense, in order to apply for admission to military schools, candidates must meet four criteria: Political background, Age, Culture and Health. In which, in terms of age, young people outside the army are 17-21 years old (born in 2001 to 2005); active-duty soldiers, demobilized soldiers and citizens who have completed their service to join the People’s Police from 18 to 23 years old (born in 1999 to 2004).

In terms of health, candidates (both female and male) scored 1 and 2 according to the provisions of Joint Circular No. 16 of the inter-Ministry of Health and National Defense. The health examination is carried out according to 8 criteria: physical strength; eye; ear, nose and throat; dentomaxillofacial; Medical; Neuropsychiatric; surgery; dermatology and obstetrics and gynecology.

In addition, the Ministry of National Defense also has a number of separate standards, including 4 contents:

Schools that train commanding, political and logistics officers only recruit male candidates. Physical requirements for male contestants are 1m65 or more and weigh 50kg or more.

In terms of eyes, do not recruit candidates with nearsightedness refractive error.

Schools that train officers with professional and technical expertise include the following: Military Technical Academy; Military; Military science and aviation engineer training system under the Air Defense – Air Force Academy.

At these schools, the physical requirements of male candidates are 1m63 or more and weight of 50kg or more; Female contestants are 1.54 meters tall or more and weigh 48 kilograms or more.

In terms of eyes, candidates (both male and female) are allowed to have refractive errors of myopia of no more than 3 go – trough; Visual acuity test after adjusting glasses achieved score 1 (right eye vision reached 10/10; total acuity of two eyes reached 19/10 or higher.

The next content is that candidates who have permanent residence for 3 years or more in region 1, islands and candidates who are ethnic minorities, apply to schools that recruit candidates (both men and women) with physical fitness scores 1 and 2 according to circular 16; male candidates must have a height of 1m62 or more; female height from 1.52m or more, weight from 44kg or more.

In addition, male candidates who are ethnic minorities from 16 ethnic groups are allowed to have a height of 1m60 or more, the other standards are the same as for candidates who are ethnic minorities.

For candidates who apply for admission to military schools, they must make 2 sets of documents, including the application for pre-qualification issued by the Military Admissions Board of the Ministry of National Defense and the application for the High School Graduation exam issued by the Ministry of National Defense. Departments of Education and Training of provinces and centrally run cities.

Military schools allow candidates who have submitted an application for admission to one of the Military schools, where candidates are expected to register for admission examination. The field groups are as follows:

Group 1 includes 13 schools (does not accept candidates with myopia) are academies: Logistics, Navy, Border Guard, Air Defense – Air Force (staff command system) and officer schools: Luc Army 1, Army 2, Politics, Special Forces, Artillery, Tank and Armor, Chemical Defense, Information, Engineers.

Group 2 includes 4 schools (with no more than 3 myopic refractive errors), including academies: Military Engineering, Military Medicine, Military Science, Air Defense – Air Force (aviation engineering system). .

The Ministry of National Defense also noted that candidates who are eligible for pre-qualification but do not register for admission within the time limit prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training will lose the right to apply for admission 1.

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