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Clearing the drug line from the Northwest to Hanoi, the “boss” of 8X is cunning

Checking 3 Styrofoam boxes, the police discovered 6 packages of white crystals, about 1kg each; 10 cakes of heroin and 10 cakes of drugs were mixed in a fruit crate.

On April 3, the Hanoi City Police Department said that it had completed the investigation conclusion of the Hoang Gia Long case (SN 1984, residing in Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi) with accomplices to the crime of illegally trading and transporting narcotics. This is a line of drug trafficking and transportation in large quantities led by subjects with many criminal records.

Based on the collected documents, the Hanoi City Public Security Bureau of Investigation has completed the file, transferred the case to the Hanoi People’s Procuracy, and proposed to prosecute two subjects, including Hoang Gia Long, for their conduct. illegal trading in narcotics; Nguyen Dang Hung (SN 1977, living in Phuc La ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi) about the illegal transportation of narcotics.

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Two subjects Hoang Gia Long and Nguyen Dang Hung.

Previously, through reconnaissance and understanding the situation, around mid-2021, the Drug Crime Investigation Department, Hanoi Police had information about a man named Long, about 35 years old, living near the industrial park. Phu Nghia commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi city, has signs of suspicion of illegal trading of narcotics in large quantities. From the source provided by the public, the scouts of Team 7, the Drug Crime Investigation Department, Hanoi City Police reported to the Commanding Board of the team, secretly verifying the information.

The review process has identified the suspect as Hoang Gia Long. Monitoring and capturing movements determined that Long often travels by private car to Mai Chau area (Hoa Binh) and Moc Chau district (Son La). After returning home in Chuong My district, many male subjects came to see Long at night.

From the collected bases, the scouts determined that Long was a link in the drug trafficking chain from the Northwest provinces to Hanoi to consume and organize a force day and night to closely follow the movements of the drug dealer. Long.

During the monitoring process, it was discovered that Long had a wife who worked as a shaman in Chuong My district, but at the same time had a husband and wife relationship with a woman in Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) and had a common child. Every time he goes to Hoa Binh or Son La, the subject usually orders a large quantity of synthetic drugs, then sells them to clues in Hanoi.

In order to avoid detection by the authorities, Long did not directly transport drugs in his own car, but only transacted, placed orders, checked goods, etc., and then sent them along with passenger cars and trucks on the Son route. La, Hoa Binh to Hanoi to consume.

After the “goods” arrive, someone will receive the goods. Based on the results of reconnaissance documents collected, Team 7 determined that this was a group of groups that illegally traded drugs in large quantities, with sophisticated methods and tricks, involving many established subjects. fight case. Through social relationships, Long became acquainted with the subject Nguyen Dang Hung.

On August 12, 2021, the Special Project Board has information that the subjects will transport a large amount of goods to Hanoi for consumption and have organized the case. The working group was divided into several points, one of which was to monitor Long’s movements; a task force to monitor and supervise cargo trucks from Son La towards Yen Nghia bus station. At the same time, a working group used a motorbike to check each truck on the route from National Highway 6 to Ha Dong (Hanoi). At noon on August 3, 2021, the task force discovered Hung present at Van La market, Phu La ward, Ha Dong.

Then, around 16:30 on the same day, the mobile reconnaissance team checked and discovered the truck BKS 26C-083.97, running in the direction of Xuan Mai along National Highway 6 to near Yen Nghia bus station, then stopped the vehicle to dump the goods. Styrofoam boxes for vegetables, tubers and fruits for customers in the market area. By experience, the reconnaissance team determined that it was likely that this was a freight car that Long had rented, so it monitored the vehicle’s movement.

Around 5:00 p.m., after the car turned towards Ha Dong, turned onto Van Khue Street, Phu La Ward, Ha Dong District, stopped the car to the roadside, right in front of an apartment complex in Van Khe Street, Phu La Ward. Next to it, there is a Kia Moring car, BKS 29D-035.43 is parked on the side of the road with the trunk of the car waiting. The truck stopped, the man in the car opened the door and got out.

After determining that it was Hung, the reconnaissance team promptly reported to the Special Project Board, directing the scouts to focus on the above location. When Hung was receiving 3 boxes of Styrofoam from the truck, he was checked and arrested by the working group and brought to the police office for clarification.

At the police station, through the inspection of 3 styrofoam boxes, 6 packages of white crystals were discovered, each package was about 1kg; 10 cakes of heroin and 10 cakes of drugs were mixed in a fruit crate.

Before the indisputable evidence, Hung had to bow his head to confess.

Before being arrested in the above case, Hung had 3 previous convictions. In particular, in 2006, the subject was tried by the Hanoi People’s Court, sentenced to 20 years in prison, and was released on April 26, 2018.

On March 12, 2020, when his criminal record had not been cleared, Hung was arrested by the People’s Court of Hoan Kiem district (Hanoi) for illegal possession of narcotics and sentenced to 12 months in prison. Through social relations, the subject knew Long and received 3 boxes of styrofoam for Long but did not know it was a drug…

At the same time as one working group struggled with Hung, the other team executed an emergency search warrant for Long’s house in Chuong My district. The search results seized 6 billion 100 million VND, 1 car. Preliminary examination results identified 10 heroin cakes with a weight of 3,270.93g; 159.01 g methamphetamine; 4,843.31g of ketamine.

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