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Compensating round 2 Night Wolf V-League 2022: Viettel or Hanoi club is stronger?

Viettel has the opportunity to take the top spot in the V-League if it beats Hanoi FC in the second round match tonight at Hang Day Stadium. The outcome of the confrontation between the two sides can create a turning point in the championship race.


“The strength of Hanoi Club is difficult to know. When they let Quang Hai go, they also prepared to replace Hai Long. The young players brought back by Hanoi FC are in high form. When Viettel was first promoted, we had difficulties, but in the last 2 seasons we played on par with Hanoi FC. Every team wants to claim to be the No. 1, so the matches are very tense,” said coach Truong Viet Hoang yesterday afternoon.

Preparing for the match against Hanoi FC, Viettel had a training session yesterday afternoon at Hang Day Stadium. Coach Truong Viet Hoang said that the new team regrouped from April 1. Viettel is at a disadvantage in the absence of goalkeeper Nguyen Manh and midfielder Bui Tien Dung due to injuries that have not fully recovered. In addition, at the end of last season, Viettel also bid farewell to two pillars in central defender Que Ngoc Hai and midfielder Trong Hoang. Both play important roles for Viettel. However, according to coach Truong Viet Hoang, Bui Tien Dung and the young players are in good form.

Hanoi must win

Compensating round 2 Night Wolf V-League 2022: Viettel or Hanoi club is stronger?  - first

Viettel and Hanoi FC are rivals in the past 2 seasons Photo: Anh Tu

Despite being championship candidates, both Hanoi and Viettel clubs have caused certain doubts before the new season. For Viettel, it is the departure of a series of pillars such as Trong Hoang and Que Ngoc Hai as mentioned above. Coach Truong Viet Hoang’s team did not add as much force as before.

However, after 3 rounds, Viettel basically showed high stability. Similarly, Hanoi FC recruits a lot of new players but is still quite young like Hai Long, Tuan Hai, but has lost big names. Notable among these must be mentioned midfielder Dinh Trong and recently it was Nguyen Quang Hai’s turn.

On the rankings, Viettel (7 points) is in 2nd place, 1 point behind Hai Phong. Hanoi FC ranked 7th with 4 points.

If they beat Hanoi FC, Viettel will take the top spot and push potential opponents away from the top group. That will be a very favorable scenario for Viettel when another champion candidate, HAGL, has not “heated up”. However, in the same situation, the Hanoi Club can become very dangerous. This is Quang Hai’s last match in the shirt of Hanoi FC at V League So if he loses, Hien’s team will face many questions in the way ahead. Hanoi needs a win to confirm they are fine without Quang Hai.

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