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“Crazy” car crashes into a bakery in Da Nang: Drunk driver

04/04/2022 06:56 GMT+7

Initially, the authorities determined that the driver who drove his car into a bakery in Da Nang, causing many injuries, was using alcohol.

Regarding the case of a 7-seat car that crashed into a bakery in Chinh Gian ward (Thanh Khe district, Da Nang city) causing many injuries this evening (April 3), a police officer of Thanh Khe district said, The unit is actively investigating the cause of the incident.


The scene of the “crazy” car crashing into the bakery, causing many injuries.

According to the district police leader, the driver who caused the accident was initially determined to have used alcohol and beer.

The accident injured four people, including a child. The victims were immediately taken to the hospital.

Before that, around 6:30 p.m. on April 3, a 7-seat car BKS 43A – 50582 (driver’s identity unknown) ran on Dien Bien Phu street at high speed.

When he just got out of the Dien Bien Phu tunnel, he rushed straight into the bakery at the intersection of Dien Bien Phu – Le Do (Thanh Khe district, Da Nang).

There were about 6 people in the bakery at this time, including 2 children. After crashing into the glass cabinet of the bakery, the car continued to ram the tables, chairs, and other items in the shop.

At the scene, glass cabinets, tables, chairs… were smashed by “crazy” cars, filling most of the people present in the bakery.

When people nearby approached the scene, unloading the rubble, many people were lying motionless and were taken to the emergency room immediately.

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