Discovered a human skeleton on the mountain, the victim is a man

A police officer of Thuan Nam district, province Ninh Thuan Information on Dan Tri, the authorities have discovered a skeleton unknown identity in the coastal protection forest area in Thuan Nam district, Phuoc Diem commune, Thuan Nam district.

Accordingly, on the morning of April 2, the police received information from people about the discovery of human skeletons on Bo De mountain, in the sub-zone 213 of Thuan Nam coastal protection forest. A local resident was looking for a lost goat, so he went deep into the protection forest area and saw it.

According to Tuoi Tre, the victim was identified as a male. Around the place where the skeleton was discovered, there were objects such as a backpack, a bag, a cap, a hat, slippers, a charger, a white power bank, a knife, and clothes.

Authorities examined the scene and the remains. After that, the skeleton and personal property were handed over to the People’s Committee of Phuoc Diem commune and local burial procedures were carried out.

According to the Youth’s note, Thuan Nam District Police announced: Anyone who knows any information about the victim or missing person with the above characteristics, contact the Thuan Nam District Police Department, phone phone 02593.750.100.


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