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Don’t be filial to your parents just for the sake of wealth

My husband is the youngest son, above him has an older sister. My husband and I have lived with my husband’s parents since we got married, now 16 years.

The life together is peaceful, the parents-in-law have never mentioned anything about the division of property later, nor have they ever had to give us any money to spend or support our business. Her husband’s parents-in-law are also good, they live separately, they have two houses, but the sister-in-law thinks those two houses must be given to her husband because he is the only son. My husband’s sister gets married and will enjoy her husband’s house. When she returned to her biological parents’ house, her sister-in-law often said that her parents’ house had to be divided equally between the children and she had a share. She also incited her parents to be wary of my husband and I, lest he get old and weak, “let him go out”.

I see that most of the sisters often blame their parents for “respecting men and disrespecting women” when their biological parents have conditions and do not share them fairly. While the sisters did not criticize their husband’s parents for “respecting men and despised women” when their husbands have more rights than sisters on their husband’s side. I’m sure many people still take it for granted that the husband’s parents share more assets with their husbands than sisters.

Another problem, even if parents “respect men and despise women”, the merit of raising children will never pay off, except for toxic parents who have hurt their daughters in the process of growing up. In the case of only “respecting men and disrespecting women” in the unfair distribution of property, sisters should not consider their parents as strangers or neighbors because of that. You should still be filial in your ability. Be filial for the sake of being born and nurtured, not for the sake of property.


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