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Epson offers a brilliant and versatile visual experience with its new line of compact Laser projectors

This projector series can be easily installed and flexibly applied in different spaces from corporate offices, educational institutions and even digital advertising, easily meeting a variety of projection needs. with bright, realistic images.

Exceptional image quality

Equipped with Epson’s exclusive 3LCD projection technology, this new series of high-brightness projectors ensures true and vibrant color reproduction for brighter and more vivid images. Not only that, the 3LCD projection technology prevents the image from having a rainbow effect for a perfect viewing experience.

Epson delivers a brilliant and versatile visual experience with its new line of compact Laser projectors - Photo 1.

Epson’s high-brightness projectors feature high contrast as well as resolution scaling up to 4K .

With high contrast and resolution enhancement up to 4K, this projector series delivers detailed and sharp images even on the smallest display. At the same time, the projected image is supported by HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma to create more accurate details for light and dark segmented content, improving vividness and contrast for optimal display. All these superior technologies enable viewers to enjoy a truly immersive visual experience with the high-brightness laser projector line.

Compact, powerful and durable

Thanks to a revolutionary 4-in-1 laser light source, these projectors feature a compact and lightweight design that optimizes space and makes installation easy. The machine’s durable laser light source also allows for up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use. With the optional ELPAF63 external air filter, users will reduce maintenance time in dusty environments, such as shopping malls, museums and exhibitions.

Epson offers a brilliant and versatile visual experience with its new line of compact Laser projectors - Photo 2.

Up to 10,000 lumens high-brightness projector in a compact size that fits any space

Easy setup and management with Epson software

The Epson PU-series has built-in near-field connectivity (NFC) that works with the Epson Projector Config Tool. This intuitive application allows users to check information on the projector, complete diagnostics, determine network configuration, and change projection settings even when the projector is turned off. Users can easily perform the above operations by placing their NFC compatible smartphone over the NFC mark on the projector.

This new application allows users to easily manage up to 100 projectors, reducing the time and effort required, significantly improving turnaround times and enhancing process efficiency.

System integrators will also benefit from using Web APIs on the Epson PU-series. This feature allows simple commands to be performed to control the projector, making it easier to integrate with existing end-user systems.

Flexible and hassle-free installation

The Epson PU-series is compatible with Epson’s wide range of interchangeable lenses, allowing projection on curved spaces and corners, as well as borderless omnidirectional projection with 360-degree rotation without loss image brightness.

Epson delivers a brilliant and versatile visual experience with its new line of compact Laser projectors - Photo 3.

Epson EB-PU11006W / PU1007W / EB-PU1008B / PU2010B Projector for any complex projection space

Users can easily adjust position, brightness and color with different lenses thanks to the wider lens shift range. The range of lens shift is also extended and helps to optimize adjustment precision, while the newly adopted stepping motor performs highly precise adjustments when using projection techniques such as such as multiple projectors and large image stacking, to accommodate a wide range of projector installation solutions. To enhance usability even for ceiling-mounted projectors, such adjustments can be made via remote control or over the network.

The optional ELPFP15 extension, which can be mounted to the ELPMB67 mount, is suitable for projection applications in high-ceiling spaces.

In addition, with the Simple Stacking function, the PU-series can be stacked using the remote control from the OSD menu instead of the usual setup via PC or Wi-Fi router. This enables the use of built-in processing for stacking without computers or external devices, thus saving costs, making the process faster and easier, and Shorten both installation time and required manpower.

Furthermore, the ELPEC01 is an optional external camera module that can be easily integrated with Epson PU-series projectors with compatible lenses. This extender also supports functions such as automatic color correction as well as Geometry Correction Assist for Tiling and Stacking.

“The addition of this new series of compact and versatile laser projectors to our existing High Brightness lineup reflects Epson’s commitment to unceasing pursuit of perfection and precision. We believe it. that Epson PU-series will deliver exciting, vibrant visual experiences to meet the diverse needs of customers in applications ranging from small to large-scale requirements such as meetings and conferences. company recommendations to public displays and staging events” – Mr. Tsumura Tsukasa, General Director of Epson Vietnam, shared.

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