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Experience surfing Shopee while waiting to charge VinFast VF e34

Since using the electric car model VF e34 of VinFast, Bich Phuong (Hanoi) has a new habit of shopping online via the built-in Shopee application on the car.

Ly Bich Phuong (Hanoi) was one of the first to receive the VinFast VF e34 smart electric car earlier this year. Not only helping to save fuel costs significantly during the period of continuous increase in gasoline prices, the new electric car also possesses a series of advantages such as cleanliness, smoothness, quietness and many smart utilities. In particular, one of the features that is most loved and used by this “online shopping fanatic” is the built-in Shopee shopping application on the car.

Experience surfing Shopee while waiting to charge VinFast VF e34
Bich Phuong received and handed over the smart electric car VF e34.

– Hi Phuong, after more than 2 months of use, what makes you most excited about VinFast VF e34?

The word “electric car” itself has made me feel excited about my car. No longer have to worry about gas prices rising and also feel more contributing to environmental protection. In terms of design, comfort, battery technology, charging or driving experience, it has probably been shared a lot, so I don’t need to repeat it again.

A unique advantage of the VF e34 that I really like is the large touch screen and the integration of many applications like Shopee. Sisters who love shopping like me find this feature very good.

– Do you find the integration of an online shopping application in the car really useful?

This can be considered as an additional form of entertainment on VinFast VF e34 besides other features such as listening to music, listening to podcasts or watching movies and television. Normally, we will get used to shopping while sitting at the computer or surfing the phone, so the shopping experience on the car screen is also quite new and interesting. Useful or not will depend on each person’s needs, but for me, this utility is really worth it. Whenever I stop the car to wait for the battery to charge or wait for the baby, I usually shop right on the car screen.

For me, online shopping saves a lot of time for busy people, instead of having to go to a store, I can now order it on the app and have it shipped. In addition, I can also compare prices, read feedback from people who have bought before, so I can rest assured about choosing the right product.

– Surely VinFast VF e34 has many other interesting points?

Of course. Like I said, this is like a “catalyst” to make the car experience more enjoyable. In essence, this VF e34 has also brought many interesting things on my travels. Every day I am no longer tired of the noise, sitting in the car whether driving or in the passenger seat also feels more comfortable. Many times I think that if the streets were filled with electric cars, urban people would be less tired because they would reduce a lot of engine noise on the street.

Experience surfing Shopee while waiting to charge VinFast VF e34
“Sometimes I think that if there were electric cars on the street, urban people would be less tired because it would reduce a lot of engine noise on the street.”

Of course, it’s just a conspicuous feeling at first, after using it a lot, you will realize many other special values ​​​​of VinFast VF e34. I temporarily ignore the issue of gas money because everyone has already said it. It is important that VinFast and Vingroup have such a large ecosystem, they invest really methodically and strongly, so users of new products like us always feel secure. Wide showroom and service workshop. Charging stations are also increasingly covered like gas stations. The cost of car repair and maintenance is very cheap, and you can use a lot of utilities from the Vingroup ecosystem. I think that’s the key to persuading customers.

According to the report of Global Best Brand Rankings 2021, Shopee has just been honored in the top 3 “Best Brands in Vietnam 2021” and is the only e-commerce platform to participate in this ranking. This exchange also holds the 6th position in the global rankings. The cooperation between Shopee and VinFast is expected to bring an enjoyable shopping and car driving experience in the era of “green living, smart living” in Vietnam.

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