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FLC ‘family’ shares simultaneously broke the ceiling

At the opening of the stock trading session on April 4, the market was excited when a series of stocks increased in price. Notably, the “family” of stocks, FLC, gained strongly after many trading sessions at the floor. Specifically: HAI (HAI Agro-pharmaceuticals), AMD (FLC Stone Investment and Minerals), KLF (CFS Import and Export Trade and Investment), ART (BOS Securities), ROS (FLC Faros Construction), FLC (FLC Group) continuously increased to the ceiling, trading volume was quite large.

At 11 a.m., FLC stood at 11,600 VND/share, up to the ceiling by 6.9%; ticker ROS rose 6.9% to 7,400 dong/share; code KLF increased 9% to 6,000 VND/share; AMD rose 6.9% to 6,130 dong/share; ticker ART increased 9% to 9,600 dong/share; ticker HAI increased 6.9% to 5,820 dong/share.

The liquidity of these stocks is also quite strong, tens of millions of units have been matched. Accordingly, FLC’s trading volume is more than 12 million units, ROS more than 13 million, KLF more than 5 million, AMD nearly 3 million, ART nearly 2.5 million, HAI more than 2.35 million.

Comments on movements of stocks related to FLC, an expert stock that while the growth momentum of these stocks is not clear yet, investors should still be cautious.

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Illustration: VnReview

Sublime market movements make VN-Index increased 9.8 points to 1,526 points. Total trading volume reached more than 312 million shares, worth over 10 trillion dong. The whole floor had 261 gainers, 156 losers and 67 sideways.

HNX-Index increased by 5.41 points to 459.1 points. Total trading volume reached 43.3 million shares, worth 1,262 billion VND. The whole floor had 124 gainers, 84 losers and 46 sideways.

UPCoM-Index increased 0.11 points to 117.3 points. Trading volume reached more than 40 million shares, worth 893 billion dong.

According to Rong Viet Securities (VDSC), with the uptrend still maintained at the end of last week’s session, the market’s increasing inertia may continue in the next session and help VN -Index approached the resistance zone of 1,530 – 1,535 points.

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