From the ground, capture the scene of 2 ISS astronauts walking in space

The images recording the activities of astronauts in space is not unusual, especially with the recording equipment used on the space stations themselves. However, capturing astronauts from a ground-based lens is considered a rare achievement.

Sebastian Voltmer, an award-winning German photographer who publishes on Sky and Telescope among other publications, has just got the photo of a lifetime when he captures two astronauts in action from a telescope. ground glass.

The photo shows American astronaut Raja Chari and German astronaut Matthias Maurer on a six-hour spacewalk to install cameras and conduct upgrade maintenance operations for the space station. ISS.

From the ground, the scene of 2 ISS astronauts walking in space was captured - Photo 1.

Voltmer’s photo with notes on the locations of the two astronauts. The image above is enlarged to help people see more clearly.

Photographer Voltmer published his photo to the media with the following words:

“This photo was taken on March 23, 2022, in good conditions with my C11 EdgeHD telephoto lens from the site that is the home of astronaut Matthias Maurer himself. I feel like I’ve just created it. This is probably the first photo taken from the ground to show two people walking in space at the same time.”

Voltmer’s photo, after being published in German media, quickly went viral. Astronaut Matthias Maurer himself has also been able to admire his own image from a ground-based perspective (via Voltmer’s photo).

Voltmer has been continuing to work on processing the image above to be able to make the image of both astronauts more prominent and clearer.

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