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Grammy controversial when honoring sexual harassment

AmericaMany viewers were outraged when the Grammys presented comedian Louis CK, who was accused of sexually harassing five women.

According to NY PostOn social media, many people criticized the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences when awarding the “Best Comedy Album” award to Louis CK. He was once caught up in a sexual harassment scandal when intentionally nude. and masturbated in front of a group of women in 2017. The artist later admitted the allegations to be true and apologized to those involved.

Comedian Louis CK was involved in a sex scandal in 2017. Photo: LA Times

Comedian Louis CK was involved in a sex scandal in 2017. Photo: LA Times

One Twitter user wrote: “I was fed up with jokes about Will Smith and now they decided to award Louis CK He was not only nominated but won. They awarded such a guy while mock Smith’s mistakes and speak out about cancel culture”.

This year’s award is the first time Louis CK has received a Grammy nomination after the noise. Before that, he won two similar awards in 2012 and 2016. Louis CK – real name Louis Székely – is a famous American stand-up comedian. He gained attention when participating in Chris Rock’s TV show and received many awards such as Emmy, SAG… In addition to comedy, Székely is known for his role as film director and animated voiceover.

In addition to Louis CK’s nomination, some scandal-ridden stars like Marilyn Manson and Dr. Luke is also named in the categories. Above The Wrap, Harvey Mason, Jr. – representative of the organizers – said: “We do not limit the submission of products for review by the board. The organizers do not check everyone’s resume or criminal record. We only consider them. their conformity to the rules of the organization. The things we care about controlling are the stage, the repertoire and the red carpet.”

The Grammy 2022 program has many other noises from before the awards ceremony. Organizing Committee ban Kanye West attended after the rapper insulted host Trevor Noah. Singer The Weeknd continued to boycott the award after the organizers ignored him last year. Canadian rapper Drake also announced the return of the Institute’s nominations for not believing in the quality of the awards.

Grammys, first held in 1959, is an annual award organized by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the United States, to honor artists who have made outstanding contributions to the music industry. This year’s award ceremony took place on the morning of April 4 (Hanoi time) after two months delay because of translation. The nominations announced from November 2021, including 86 categories. The important awards saw competition from young artists such as Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Nas X. Famous vocalists such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kanye West also participated in many competitions. big item.

Dat Phan (according to NY Post, The Wrap)

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