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Ho Chi Pu, Daesung (BIGBANG) sits alone between 3 wooden chairs

Voice Chi Pu can “shake” depending on the time, but there is one thing that has forever remained with her up to this point, which is visual. Before starting her mic career, Chi Pu used to be a part of the Hanoi hot girl association and took thousands of sets of photos with countless different concepts. But whether in the past or present, there is a strong team and stylist – no matter how many pictures this brand has jumped in to collaborate with Chi Pu, people still remember the concept of sitting between 3 iron chairs!

And strangely, this concept after nearly a decade is still not outdated, even an inspiration for the whole world. BIGBANG put it in a detail in my comeback MV – Still Life again.

Chi Pu, Daesung (BIGBANG) sits alone between 3 wooden chairs - Photo 1.

The image of Chi Pu sitting between 3 iron chairs…

Chi Pu, Daesung (BIGBANG) sits alone between 3 wooden chairs - Photo 2.

Accidentally “taken as an idea” by BIGBANG in the MV Still Life?

Because it is said that singers need HIT, hot girls need pictures to last a lifetime. Chi Pu is “terrible”, having both HIT and photos that make people remember forever. Even now, looking back, I don’t know who the stylist made her suffer so much, from her curly hair dotted with a few cotton balls (guess it was cotton, but I don’t know what shape it is). But it’s okay, people often say that a tree can’t grow, but Chi Pu alone, she can sit in the middle of 3 iron chairs, becoming “unique”, being learned by the whole BIGBANG, but not the average form. ?

Chi Pu and Daesung (BIGBANG) sit alone between 3 wooden chairs - Photo 4.

If analyzed objectively, this is a set of pictures with bad visuals, but fortunately, thanks to 3 chairs that have “adjusted” to Chi Pu, it is roughly understood that “the chair is not adjusted to people”.

About the idea when watching MV Still Life of BIGBANG, it’s not difficult for VIPs to realize the idea in the scene where Daesung sits in the middle… 4 chairs (the number increased by 1 compared to Chi Pu) has a slight coincidence with Chi Pu. Some people even gave countless explanations about the meaning of 4 chairs. Below are a few examples:

– BIGBANG originally had 5 members, but Seungri is currently serving in the military, so the director temporarily removed 1, Daesang had to sit in the middle of 4 representing the 4 members singing in the MV.

– Because Daesang sits between 4 chairs, the frame will be “balanced – balanced” than sitting with only 1 chair. Chi Pu is sitting in the middle of 3 chairs, BIGBANG is sitting in the middle of 4 chairs, people are eagerly waiting to see which artist/group will sit alone in the middle of the 5 chairs.

– Daesang can stand, why is it necessary to sit between 4 chairs? The answer is very simple, sit down when tired, sit on a chair with a back like that, it is also called having a place to lean on, 4 chairs, the level of support is multiplied by 4 times!

Ho Chi Pu, Daesung (BIGBANG) sits alone between 3 wooden chairs - Photo 5.

4 chairs in BIGBANG’s MV

But I really have to give BIGBANG’s team a compliment, even if I “borrowed” the idea for Daesang to sit in the middle of 4 chairs, I still have to work hard to create, let the guy wear a different concept, the chair has the same design – The wood material is different from Chi Pu’s iron chair. This is called creativity based on an existing idea, not like some other crews, who like to wear the “yes” in it and look like cosplay!

Chi Pu, Daesung (BIGBANG) sits alone between 3 wooden chairs - Photo 6.

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