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Ho Ngoc Ha is ‘rich and luxurious’, so it doesn’t suit Tran Thanh’s movie?

Tran Thanh said he gave the opportunity to his friends but would not invite to act in a movie because of love. Therefore, his new film only has characters, no “best friend Tran Thanh”.

4/4, Tran Thanh film project announced roof with the participation of artists Ngoc Giau, Tran Thanh, Tuan TranLe Giang, Anh Duc, Uyen An,… In which, Tuan Tran plays the male lead, the female actress who plays Mai is in the final review stage, Tran Thanh plays a supporting role.

The film’s content has not been revealed, the film’s message is against social prejudices about an individual group as well as “for men to love women more”. The film will have a relatively dark color, not as humorous as Tran Thanh’s previous films, scheduled to be released on the occasion of the 2023 Lunar New Year.

Ho Ngoc Ha is 'rich and luxurious', so it doesn't suit Tran Thanh's movie?
MC Tran Thanh at the new movie introduction.

Tran Thanh shares movie ideas roof appeared when he and his wife Hari Won talked on a rainy night 2 years ago. According to him, the movie title roof very special: “A girl named Mai always looks forward to tomorrow, but will tomorrow come to her? More interesting, her name is also a flower of spring. A flower that blooms only once a year. then it’s gone…”.

After working with Ngoc Trinh, Miu Le, Ngan Khanh, Ly Nha Ky, Salim,… Tran Thanh has not yet chosen a face to portray Mai. He once targeted Ho Ngoc Ha for the role of Mai, but the singer’s beauty was “too luxurious and rich”, not suitable for Mai.

Tran Thanh talked about the pressure of the movie immediately after ‘The Godfather’ earned 400 billion dong

About inviting all close actors, Tran Thanh emphasized giving opportunities to friends but did not invite to act in movies because of love.

“Christian Chow or Bong Joon-ho always have familiar actors in their movies. I haven’t found anyone acting that makes me feel “better” than these names. I guarantee in the movie there are only characters, no there is “close friend Tran Thanh” here. Le Duong Bao Lam or Le Giang will completely get rid of the artist image that you often see in them”, the artist said.

Ho Ngoc Ha is 'rich and luxurious', so it doesn't suit Tran Thanh's movie?
Tuan Tran refused 4 scripts to film for Tran Thanh.

Tran Thanh planned to release the film on the occasion of Tet 2022, but due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City and many scandals, he lost his work spirit.

The artist confided: “I’m not pressured by negative things to happen because no one fakes it all their life. Look at what I do today, 5-10 years from now I’ll have the answer for myself. For me, the explanation is superfluous for both lovers and haters. Haters still force me to continue making statements, but lovers still believe in Tran Thanh. If I do wrong, the law will punish me. No one in the world. I’m happy because I didn’t do anything against my conscience. I love Vietnam, love the people and always want to do something for them.”

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