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How did Zhao Zilong die?

In the Five Tiger Generals of the Shu army, Guan Yu died of anger, Truong Phi died of a petty man, Ma Sieu died young from illness, Hoang Trung was hit by an arrow and died of illness. Trieu Van No one knows why he died. But in folklore there is a thrilling story about the death of this tiger general.

Trieu Van (168-229), formerly known as Tu Long, was born in Chan Dinh district of Changshan district, now Chinh Dinh district, Hebei province, northern China. He has a heroic appearance, a mighty majesty, good at martial arts and has a talent for strategy.

In 184, Trieu Van led the army of Thuong Son district to follow Cong Ton Toan to fight Vien Thieu. In the Three Kingdoms Acting at the Battle of Ban Ha, Trieu Van saved Cong Ton Toan and fought for 5-60 with the famous general Ha Bac Van Su inconclusive.

Three Kingdoms interpretation: Can't believe that a mighty general like Trieu Tu Long died like that - Photo 1.

Trieu Van is one of the Five Tiger Generals of the Shu army.

In the year 200, after being defeated by Cao Cao, Liu Bei ran after Yuan Shao, met Zhao Yun in Yecheng, the two met and became close, slept in the same bed at night, then brought troops with him. Truong Phi did not submit, after Trieu Van defeated Cao Cao’s strong general Dien Vi, Phi submitted to his talent.

The Three Kingdoms describes him as a fierce general who cannot be defeated by many people, who fought with not many people in his life and killed very few. In 201, in the battle of Nhu Nam when fighting with Cao troops, he killed Cao Lam – one of the “four pillars of Hebei”, fought 30 times and defeated Truong Ha.

When Luu Bei first arrived in Kinh Chau, Trieu Van killed the mountain bandit Truong Vu, robbed Di Lu’s horse and gave it to Luu Be. In 207, Trieu Van killed La Khoang, Cao Nhan’s general, and defeated Ly Dien after only a dozen matches.

Three Kingdoms interpretation: Can't believe that a mighty general like Trieu Tu Long died like that - Photo 2.

Trieu Van saves the young lord.

In 208, Cao Cao fought to the South, pursued Liu Bei in Duong Duong, Truong Ban, Liu Bei had to leave his wife and children to flee. Trieu Van hugged the young lord A Dau while protecting Lady Cam, so the mother and daughter A Dau survived. After this battle, Trieu Van was appointed General of Nha Mon.

Trieu Van has never been hit by an arrow in his life, at the age of nearly 70, he still single-handedly defeated the whole family of martial artist Han Duc. In that battle, he also used his spear to deflect many arrows of the enemy.

Lazy death

Three Kingdoms interpretation: Can't believe that a mighty general like Trieu Tu Long died like that - Photo 4.

Create Trieu Van on film.

In 229, Trieu Van died in Chengdu, at the age of 76, posthumously posthumously titled Thuan Binh Hau. Trieu Van’s life is very complete in every way, even Quan Vu and Truong Phi cannot compare.

Trieu Van has two sons and a daughter; the eldest son Trieu Thong, inherited his father’s title, became an official of the Ho Bon Trung Lang, Doc Hanh led the army; The second son, Trieu Quang, became a general of Nha Mon, followed Khuong Duy to go to war, and died while participating in the battle of Dap Trung; Her daughter, Trieu Thi, married Quan Binh (Quan Vu’s son) and gave birth to Quan Viet.

Trieu Van did not die from illness, but was very lazy. One day he bathed at home, his wife rubbed her back to show her husband that although he was old, his skin was white and smooth, and there was no scar all over his body. She was very surprised, so she asked: “General, you have fought for so many years, have you never been injured?”.

Trieu Van replied with a smile: “Of course, I have experienced hundreds of battles, killed countless enemies, but no one can touch me, take even a single drop of my blood.” After listening to the wife, a naughty thought suddenly appeared in her mind. She sneaked an embroidery needle, gently walked to her husband’s side, teasing him: “General, you have the ability to make him bleed and hurt.” Saying that, he used a needle to stab him in the arm.

Trieu Van was startled by the throbbing pain, seeing the drop of blood rolling down his arm was extremely frightened, his face suddenly turned pale, his jaw stiffened, and he couldn’t breathe anymore. A famous general who scared many enemies on the battlefield, finally… died of fear when he saw his bloodshed.

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