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How should my husband make up for it so that I can forget about his betrayal?

It happened more than a year ago, when I was seven months pregnant with my second baby, I discovered my husband was having an affair.

The marriage I thought was happy, the real love from both sides, suddenly collapsed. He said everything is just fleeting, he will be with me and go through everything with me. After a month, he texted that person hoping to reconnect, at that time I ran out of amniotic fluid, almost couldn’t sleep at night because of a psychological breakdown.

Now, a year later, I still can’t forget every message of love, care and actions he did to that person. I lose control when even the smallest thing makes me doubt, every time he laughs or gets close to any woman. It all led to arguments and day by day I felt more and more distant from my husband. He does not want to explain when there is a misunderstanding, I think that the husband no longer cares about his wife’s sadness or pain, all listening or understanding his wife makes him tired.

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After that happened, I blamed you. Now I blame myself for not being good enough for him to go to someone else, not being able to completely forgive to have a happy life like before, not being strong enough to overcome this. Every day I live in self-doubt, torment, emotional pain. I always wonder, if love is still there, can everything come back? Am I exaggerating if I ask you for compensation instead of being patient and suffering?


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