Jay Chou was tricked into losing NFT

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou said on his Instagram account on April 1 that a valuable non-fungible token (NFT) in his possession was stolen.

He said he was informed by a friend that one of the NFTs in his possession was stolen “stolen by a phishing site”, At first he thought it was just an April Fool’s joke, but then he discovered that his NFT had “really gone”. Jay Chou warned people to be careful and said it was not a joke that he added #Hashtags to his posts.

Chau Kiet Luan was tricked into losing his NFT - Photo 1.

Announcement of “lost items” on Instagram of Chou Kiet Luan on April Fool’s Day.

Chow’s stolen NFT belongs to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, one of the world’s most valuable NFT collections.

As of April 1, the collection’s cheapest NFT sale price was 108 ether, equivalent to $352,695. The NFT allegedly stolen from Jay Chou was sold on the LookRare platform for 130 ether, equivalent to $424,541.

On OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, the singer’s account was marked “compromised” on the same day.

On Etherscan, an Ethereum analytics platform, Jay Chou’s crypto wallet address from which NFT is believed to have been stolen has also been marked with a warning, saying it has been reported to have been used. in a scam and users should exercise caution when interacting with this address.

Chau Kiet Luan was tricked into losing his NFT - Photo 2.

Jay Chou is one of many celebrities who support and promote NFT.

The NFT sector is growing rapidly in recent times, and it has also become rife with scams, scams, and thefts globally, with little oversight by regulatory agencies.

Funds sent to NFT markets by illicit addresses increased significantly in Q3 2021, reaching $1 million, and the value continued to grow in Q4 of last year to nearly $1.4 million, according to a report published in February by Chainalysis.

Earlier in February, 17 users on the OpenSea platform had their NFTs stolen in a targeted phishing attack and the stolen assets were estimated at $1.7 million.

Also on April 1, BAYC’s Twitter account announced their channel on Discord, a popular group messaging app in the NFT space, “was compromised for a short time”, but they “took care of the problem immediately”, and no further explanation. It’s unclear if Jay Chou’s stolen NFT is related to the BAYC incident.

Jay Chou is one of a number of celebrities in Asia who have been promoting NFT since last year along with many other famous singers and actors. Projects endorsed and implemented by celebrities often attract huge attention in the region.

In January, an NFT collection called PhantomBear, launched by Jay Chou-backed fashion brand PHANTACi, quickly topped OpenSea’s 24-hour sales chart.

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