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Kieu Thuy Huong, from empty hands to ‘portrait’ of famous brands

The passion for the profession of “drawing portraits” of the brand made the 9X girl determined to start a career in professional design.

Coming up from empty hands, she and her partners built the name of Lava Design – the leading standard brand design unit in Vietnam.

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Portrait of Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong – Fouder & Creative Director of Lava Design.

No success is full of roses

Referring to Kieu Thuy Huong, surely young people in the brand design industry are no stranger to her name. Born and raised in Hanoi, in a basic family, she has had a talent for painting since childhood.

Perhaps it is this talent that is the reason why she is on the path to becoming a professional brand designer.

There is no success without going through hardships, and Kieu Thuy Huong is no exception. It is known that the years at university were the most difficult time for her.

Due to a difficult family situation, a girl who had just turned 18 had to live completely on her own, fending for herself, working and studying to earn money to cover tuition and living expenses.

Kieu Thuy Huong, from empty hands to 'portrait' of famous brands - 2

The professional skills of Lava Design staff led by Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong always make businesses satisfied.

Recalling the difficult years when she entered school and worked hard, Ms. Huong shared: “It was an arduous process that she had to sweat, tears and wholeheartedly.

But through that, she realized one thing – only difficulties make people grow, it is the difficulties we face that are the premise for us to be stronger, more understanding and more successful.”

… And the results are always for those who deserve it

Currently, Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong owns and operates a brand design company called Lava Design – a specialized unit in the field of brand design with an address in Hanoi with more than 8,000 trusted customers. choose and cooperate.

Kieu Thuy Huong, from empty hands to 'portrait' of famous brands - 3

The recent prominent branding project of Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong and Lava Design team completed for TPP International Petroleum Joint Stock Company.

With more than 10 years of in-depth brand experience, Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong has become the figure behind many companies in the process of approaching customers.

Accordingly, Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong is the one who has designed and created many effective brand sets for famous businesses such as: Go24, Incanto, Manulife Insurance, Solar E, Masterpiece Homes…

Besides, she is the owner of TikTok channel Kieu Thuy Huong with more than 100,000 likes and 30,000 followers – a desirable number of any individual, especially those operating in the same field. like sister.

With this TikTok channel, she often posts unique videos in the process of creating brands for businesses.

Kieu Thuy Huong, from empty hands to 'portrait' of famous brands - 4

Looking at the current success of Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong, not everyone knows this girl’s difficult start-up story.

“A successful brand requires not only good product and service quality, but also an impressive brand image. A professional logo design and brand identity system will help the company create an impression, help customers remember the business’s brand.

Therefore, in each project, each work, I always put my whole heart and all my efforts to be able to create the most beautiful, different and perfect work for customers.”Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong said.

Not stopping at her successes, Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong always forces herself to be creative and constantly creates challenges for herself. Only when doing design can she live with herself, because if one day she stops creating, she will no longer have anything interesting.

“In the future, I am trying to improve myself even more, break my own limits and aim to become a leading brand design expert not only in the country but also abroad.”Ms. Huong confided.

Those are the shares of Ms. Kieu Thuy Huong before saying goodbye to reporters. Hopefully with her own strength, passion, enthusiasm and heart in the profession, she will be able to fulfill her cherished plans and achieve more and more success.

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