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Korea considers completely abolishing social distancing measures

Medical staff take samples for COVID-19 testing for people in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo: AP)

Prime Minister South Korea Kim Boo-kyum last weekend emphasized there will be a drastic change to the Social distancing measures remaining when the regulations expire on April 17.

Speaking to the press, South Korea’s Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Deok-cheol also said there would be an “overall adjustment to social distancing measures if the indicators continue to improve in the coming months.” the next two weeks”.

According to Mr. Kwon, except for the regulation on mandatory mask wearing, all restrictions related to the prevention of COVID-19 including the limited order on operating hours and restrictions on gatherings will be lifted.

Since April 4, the Korean Government has continued to relax the limit on private gatherings, allowing up to 10 people instead of 8 people, extending the business hours of food establishments such as restaurants and bars. cafe until midnight.

South Korea considers completely abolishing social distancing measures - Photo 1.

The Korean government has made efforts to restore normal life. (Photo: AP)

South Korean health officials said that considering the complete lifting of isolation measures to prevent epidemics is based on vaccination coverage rates for target groups, the rate of severe cases and the death rate. controlled stably.

South Korea also ensures enough anti-inflammatory drugs and emergency treatment for patients with COVID-19.

The Korean government made efforts to restore normal life in November 2021 with the policy of “living with COVID-19”, but this plan was forced to postpone due to the wave of infections and the increase in the number of severe cases. strongly after easing epidemic prevention measures.

To date, a total of over 14 million people in South Korea have contracted COVID-19, including more than 17,400 deaths.

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