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Long-lived women often have the characteristic “2 red, 2 short” on their body

In spite of longevity is something that is determined by many factors including living environment, health status and even luck. But sometimes just looking at a person’s physical appearance is enough to predict that person’s potential for longevity. A person with a healthy body, with enough nutrition, enough sleep, will suddenly have rosy skin, red lips, slim body… In contrast, a person with poor health will have pale skin. , purple lips.

In general, a person who is healthy and has the potential to live a long life will have the following characteristics on the body.

Long live women usually has the characteristic “2 red, 2 short” on the body

2 red included

1. Pinky red face

When we compliment someone for being in good health, we often compliment them on having rosy skin. Yes, skin is a measure of health status. Those who have good aura, smooth and ruddy skin, prove that their qi and blood work very well and are easy to live a long life.


As for those with pale, gray faces, it is likely that they are anemic, lacking both qi and blood, and need to pay attention to body care.

2. Pinky, glossy lips

According to Chinese Medicine, having pink and smooth lips, without too much dead and cracked skin, indicates a healthy spleen and stomach. This group of people often eat well, have enough nutrients and do not suffer from dangerous diseases of the digestive tract.

On the contrary, if the lip color is dark or turns blue-violet, it means that the body contains many toxins that cannot be eliminated, and the liver stagnates. Need to clear heat, cool down in time to detoxify the liver.


2 short included

1. The smaller the waist measurement, the better

Most people with large waistlines are obese. Belly fat can create an inflammatory response in the body, easily damage blood vessels and affect life expectancy.

In contrast, these long life people usually have a well-proportioned body, although the body is full, the waistline will not exceed the normal level. To get a slim waist measurement, they will focus on body management, by eating right and exercising hard.

2. The shorter the time to fall asleep, the better

After the age of 40, partly because of life pressure, partly because of hormonal changes in the body, women often find it difficult to sleep, not sleeping well.

People who live long will sleep well and fall asleep very quickly. Having good quality sleep will restore body functions, reduce the risk of disease, and prolong life.


If you have all of the above 4 characteristics even though you have passed the age of 40, it is really worth celebrating, because it partly proves that your health is very good. However, meeting the above 4 characteristics is not enough, the older we are, the more likely we are to be undernourished. Meanwhile, nutrition is the foundation of health. To have a healthier body, people after the age of 40 need to pay attention to:

– Full calcium supplement: In addition to milk, there are many calcium-rich foods you can eat such as fish, shrimp, oysters, kelp, soy products, sesame seeds…

– Vitamin D: The way to supplement vitamin D is to eat nuts, take vitamin tablets as directed by your doctor. Or simply bask in the sun every day.


Vitamin B: This vitamin is found in salmon, oysters, mussels, and mussels, as well as in whole grains and nuts, which are foods that people don’t usually eat.

– Fiber: The elderly have more urgent needs for this nutrient. Because with age, intestinal function declines, prone to chronic diseases, reasonable fiber supplementation will not increase the burden on the intestines and blood vessels. You can eat green vegetables, barley, buckwheat, okra, corn… to effectively supplement fiber. du-thi-rat-dang-de-an-mung-20220404172351725.chn

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