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Manager Billie Eilish’s hands were shaking when speaking at the 2022 Grammys, her expression was a surprise!

At 7:00 am on April 4 (Vietnam time), the 2022 Grammy Awards officially took place at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas in front of the expectations of the worldwide fan community. Every performance as well as moments in the biggest awards ceremony on the planet is attracting the public’s attention.

Recently, on social networks, a video of the speech of Ms. Nicole Massey – artist production manager Billie Eilish at the Grammys has also been circulated on social networks, which is receiving many enthusiastic discussions from the people.

Nicole Massey’s speech at the Grammy 2022

One of the special things of this year’s Grammys is that the awards ceremony side has sent invitations to the staff of the stars to attend, so that they can introduce themselves to their artists, which can be managers or assistants. costumes, tour schedule management… This is supported by a large number of fans around the world because it is seen as gratitude and respect to those who are always behind the sacrifices. themselves to contribute to the success of artists like today. In order for the Grammys to have quality nominations and excellent products every year, besides the artist, it is impossible not to mention the role of managers. They are always wonderful people who silently dedicate themselves to making the artist’s work the most complete.

Accordingly, Ms. Nicole Massey had a moment to share about the Grammy Awards as well as stories related to the extremely talented young artist Billie Eilish. In particular, the camera also captured the moment when the singer hit Bad Guy smiled after the manager finished his speech, showing the extremely close and close relationship between the two.

However, for some reason, Ms. Nicole Massey’s hands are constantly shaking when making her speech at the Grammy 2022. Many people think that it is difficult to stand on an extremely majestic stage of the big awards ceremony. Who doesn’t feel fear and worry!

Nicole Massey’s hands trembled while giving a speech

Billie Eilish’s lovely expression as Mrs. Nicole Massey finished her speech

Besides, the majority of fans expressed their admiration and gratitude to Ms. Nicole Massey in particular and the entire management in general – who are always behind to help artists shine like today. Some netizens’ comments:

– The people behind the artists deserve a standing ovation. Her nervousness could be felt while speaking at a major awards ceremony.

– She was so nervous, that mic was shaking but it’s understandable because it’s a Grammy.

– I have known Nicole since 2003. She is truly an amazing person!

– This is a great moment! Congratulations Nicole.

– Billie Eilish laughed after Nicole finished the performance. Their relationship is so good.

Before that, Billie Eilish was extremely excellent when present at the 2022 Grammy with 7 nominations, equal to “music phenomenon” Olivia Rodrigo. The young star born in 2001 also delivered an explosive performance with Happier Than Ever on the Grammy stage with his brother Finneas. However, compared to the record of a series of awards at the Grammy 2021, this year, she is somewhat unlucky when she is “empty” at the biggest awards ceremony on the planet.

Manager Billie Eilish's hands were shaking when she spoke at the 2022 Grammy Awards, her expression was surprising!  - Photo 4.

Billie Eilish “empty hand” at the Grammy 2022

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