More than 41 million injections of COVID-19 vaccine with incorrect information

At the online conference to guide the issuance of vaccine passports and thoroughly understand, supplement and authenticate vaccination information COVID-19 On the morning of April 4, a representative of the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (Ministry of Public Security) said that as of March 30, the COVID-19 vaccination management platform recorded about 154 million injections, in which 112,569,288 injections are correct, the remaining 41,431,114 injections are incorrect.

According to Mr. Do Truong Duy, Director of the Information Technology Department (Ministry of Health), up to now, the preparations for the issuance of vaccine passports have been basically completed. People who vaccinate, correctly declare information and have their data entered into the system by vaccination facilities, and correctly authenticate information with the National Population Database will be issued a Vaccine Passport without having to do so. What further procedure is there?

Vaccine passports will be displayed on the Book app Health electronic, PC-COVID or look up on the website of the Ministry of Health. For people who have not been granted a vaccine passport, it is due to lack/wrong information, they need to contact the vaccination facility to be supplemented and updated.

More than 41 million injections of COVID-19 vaccine with incorrect information - 1

Online conference to guide the issuance of “Vaccine passports”.

At the conference, Deputy Minister Tran Van Thuan assigned the Information Technology Department to absorb the opinions of localities and units, urgently finalize and submit to the Ministry’s leadership for promulgation instructions on the implementation of vaccine passport issuance. At the same time, the unit continues to coordinate with specialized units of the Ministry of Information and Communications and related units to ensure the implementation of vaccine passport issuance.

The Deputy Minister also requested vaccination facilities across the country to review, supplement and authenticate COVID-19 vaccination information, enter complete and accurate COVID-19 vaccination data on the service system. The service issues “Vaccine passports” to people and connects and shares data with the National Population Database.

“Immunization facilities across the country have prepared the necessary conditions, digitally signed the certificate of COVID-19 vaccination from April 8 for the Ministry of Health to issue vaccine passports to people, which is expected to begin. from 15/4”Deputy Minister Thuan said.

Vietnam is one of the six countries with the highest vaccination coverage rate in the world. Statistics on Immunization Portal COVID-19 vaccine showed that, by April 1, the country had injected more than 206 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The coverage rate for people aged 18 and over with the 1st dose is nearly 100%, the 2nd dose is 99% and the rate of people who have received the 3rd dose is about 50%. For people 12 to 17 years old, the rate of nose 1 is 99% and nose 2 is 94%. The Ministry of Health and localities are also preparing to vaccinate children from 5 to under 12 years old in early April 2022.

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