Olympia question super hack brain

It’s only 5th grade knowledge but can you solve this Olympia question?

Road to Olympia is the second most popular academic television program on television. 4 contestants compete to find the winner through contests, questions of unimaginable difficulty.

An attractive point of the program is also the questions that are applied and deductive from ordinary calculations. This is both interesting and easy to relate to when looking for answers.

In the Obstacle section of the first episode of the third quarter of season 22, Olympia had a question: “If 3 cats can catch 3 mice in 3 minutes, how many cats will it take to catch 90 mice in 30 minutes?”

Super brain hack Olympia question makes candidates give up-1
Source: Road to Mount Olympia

This question leaves 1 candidate unable to give an answer. Then another boy gave a slightly confused answer. That is to see, when going to Olympia, it is necessary to fully cultivate knowledge in most fields and levels of education.

In the end, MC Khanh Vy had to announce the result of the above problem as 9 cats.

The simple explanation is that if 3 cats catch 30 mice in 30 minutes, then 9 cats will catch 90 mice in 30 minutes.

=> So the number of cats needed to catch 90 mice in 30 minutes is 9 cats.

Before this topic, netizens also raised many different controversies, that’s why the question seemed so easy but so difficult!

Perhaps the candidates were too rushed for time to give the correct answer. And you, how long did it take you to solve this problem?

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