Once denigrating Eastern League of Legends, LS had to

Recently, T1 completed his journey at LCK Spring 2022 with the championship after beating Gen.G Esports 3-1 in the final. Not only that, T1 is also the team with the most perfect record in LCK history in particular and the village League of Legends Generally speaking. Because, during their journey, T1 won the championship without losing any matches. The record of 20 wins – 0 losses of Faker and teammates will probably be very, very long before a team can break.

Once disparaging Eastern League of Legends, LS had to turn the car urgently: No team at MSI could win T1 - Photo 1.

T1 – the collective has just created a historic victory of the LoL village

Witnessing the achievements of T1, the League of Legends community, especially the experts and League of Legends players around the world, were also amazed. Doinb went on stream and asserted, he knew the result would be like this because T1 completely destroyed LNG Esports in practice matches. Meanwhile, both Victory Five and Top Esports did not have good results when scrimming with Faker and his teammates. According to Doinb, the top teams in the current LPL also lose more than they win when practicing with T1.

Doinb revealed the results of the scrim with T1, saying that LNG was 100% destroyed, each match was no more than 10 minutes

Recently, another character spoke about T1’s victory. Specifically, this person is LS – a streamer, League of Legends expert who used to work for T1 organization and is also a former coach of Cloud9. As someone who understands T1 and Western League of Legends well, LS has also made statements about the future of T1 at the upcoming MSI 2022: “I feel very sorry, sorry for the North American and EU teams that have to meet T1 at the upcoming MSI 2022. Really, those are T1’s “terrible” performances, Faker is too “terrible”. sorry but no team at MSI can beat them.”

LS believes that currently, no other team can compare with T1

LS’s comment is completely valid when in the current season, T1 is showing a destructive form. In addition to the all-win record, Faker and his teammates also showed a variety of gameplay. If throughout the group stage until the playoffs, people are used to T1 hitting the bottom wing, then in the final against Gen.G, T1 drilled strongly into Doran’s upper wing. Not to mention, from Zeus, Oner to Faker, Gumayusi can all carry the team while Keria is the “Super Support” or the best in LoL today.

Having disparaged Eastern League of Legends, LS had to turn the car quickly: No team at MSI could win T1 - Photo 4.

The strength of T1 is the strength of a team where each extremely talented individual works well together

And with such an almost absolute power, it will not be surprising if T1 continues to show destructive performance at the upcoming MSI 2022. And perhaps, teams from LPL, LEC, LCS want to beat T1 right now, besides skills, they also need a lot of support from luck. t1-20220404184511415.chn

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