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One more math problem that makes parents “hot”: 100

Don’t think elementary math is always easy, just revolve around simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. There are problems that look simple but are actually quite brain-hacking, requiring students to read the problem carefully and look at the problem in a more multi-dimensional way to come up with the correct solution. For example, the story of the father and son of Mr. Vuong (China) below.

Mr. Vuong’s son is in primary school. Recently, the boy was given the following math problem: “If you take 100 yuan to buy something worth 35 yuan, how much change will you get back?”. The boy answered “100 – 35 = 65” but was crossed out wrongly by her.

One more Math problem that makes parents

Mr. Vuong was very shocked after watching, not understanding where he was wrong. As a person who values ​​grades, he couldn’t accept that his son lost points like that, so he texted the teacher to ask. The teacher then explained:

“There are three other situations that I haven’t thought of. First, if there are two 50-yuan bills, we just need to take out one 50-yuan bill and get 15 yuan in change. If there are five 20-yuan bills, take them. two 20 yuan bills to buy things and get 5 yuan change in return If there is one 50 yuan note, one 20 yuan note, two 10 yuan bills and two 5 yuan bills, then just take one 20 yuan bill, one 10 yuan bill and a 5 yuan note to pay. In this case, there is no need to take back the change.”

After listening to the teacher’s explanation, Mr. Vuong was speechless. “Is this a math problem or puzzles for students?”, Mr. Vuong said. According to this parent, the teacher’s method of problem solving is controversial. Because the title only says to use 100 yuan to buy things, there is no data on the classification of money.

For elementary school students, who are still practicing calculations, but still have hidden problems, according to Mr. Vuong, it is absurd. Currently, this problem is still causing controversy among parents. cau-tra-loi-hear-muon-tang-done-20220404112232925.chn

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