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Photographer Nick Ut confided about the photo that shocked the world

Fifty years after taking the photo ‘Napalm Baby’, Vietnamese-born photographer Nick Ut opens up about the story that made the photo move the world.

On the evening of April 3, veteran newspaper photojournalist Nick Ut held the opening ceremony of his exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. 22 photos associated with his career and name are displayed on this occasion for the audience to admire. In it, the photo Napalm Baby.

Nick Ut with his post-retirement exhibition.

Photographer Nick Ut confided about the photo that shocked the world
Nick Ut’s ‘Napalm Baby’ was once chosen as the most moving picture in the world.

Exhibition It is also the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the photo’s birth with the first stories that Nick Ut confided to the media and close friends. “My happiest thing is that the photo was not only influential at the time of war but also valid today. Today, this photo is still appearing in protests in many parts of the world. world, as a symbol against war crimes,” he shared.

As a person who lived through two periods of war and peace, Nick Ut experienced ups and downs according to the ups and downs of life. Sharing with VietNamNet, he admitted that he still suffered “mental wounds” in the post-war period. Obsessions about bombs, smoke, fire, death… are permanent in his thoughts and dreams.

Photographer Nick Ut confided about the photo that shocked the world

Painting in the exhibition of Nick Ut.

With Nick Ut, war left destruction, mourning and lasting consequences. He agrees with Phan Thi Kim Phuc – the main character in the photo about the saying: “The fierceness of war lies not in the battlefield, but in the fate of the people dragged into it.” In the 21st century, the photographer believes that war is always present. Most recently, the war between Ukraine and Russia made the whole world question the concept of peace once again.

After the historic milestone of 1975, Nick Ut worked for 2 years in Japan before moving to live and work in the US. He changed the working environment from the Vietnam battlefield to the Hollywood red carpet, specializing in photographing players and celebrities in what is known as the most lavish place in the world.

Photographer Nick Ut confided about the photo that shocked the world
Nick Ut was awarded the National Medal of Arts by former US President Donald Trump.

In 2017, Nick Ut retired after 51 years holding the camera. He spends time with his family, opens photo exhibitions and writes books. Every trip to Vietnam, Nick Ut looks forward to talking and sharing his experiences with students and young reporters. He wishes that this life will have many more beautiful things to be told through the lens of photography.

Musician Quoc Trung – one of the guests attending the event – said that this was the first time he had seen Nick Ut’s works with his own eyes. “Amidst a time of so much turmoil in the world, we have never seen peace and freedom so precious. Nick’s photos show everyone that peace is precious and war is precious. terrible…”, said the musician.

Photographer Nick Ut confided about the photo that shocked the world
Actress Do Hai Yen organized an event to meet Nick Ut.

Sharing at the meeting, the actress Do Hai Yen expressed respect for the presence of photojournalist Nick Ut. She is also the organizer of the series Legendary Series aims to honor and introduce famous artists along with classic artworks bearing historical landmarks.

“My husband and I want to open a true cultural-artistic exchange space, which is a bridge between veteran artists and viewers. This is also an opportunity to pay tribute to classic works and introduce them to them. to the community of art enthusiasts, especially the young public”, Do Hai Yen confided.

Nick Ut (Huynh Cong Ut) was born in 1951, is a Vietnamese-born photographer, a photojournalist for the Associated Press (AP). He is known for many works, the most famous of which is the photograph Baby napalm (Vietnam Napalm Girl). This work won him the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. In addition, Nick Ut has many other works on life, environment, forest fires, sports, cinema… and has had many memorable photos during his career in Vietnam.

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