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Possessing the same beauty and charisma as the female idol that thousands of people love Irene, her extremely “burning” body makes netizens jealous

Recently, Korean “movie geeks” across Asia are enamored with the drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” (Age 25, Age 21). Besides the romantic details recreating the beautiful youth, the audience also “melted” with the beauty of the cast from the main to the supporting of this film.

Among them, Kim Ji Yeon (Bona), who takes on the supporting role of Go Yoo Rim. With diverse acting, Bona quickly received much love from fans. Netizens even commented that her character sometimes stands out more than the female lead Kim Tae Ri.

When looking back at the real beauty of the actress, everyone was admiring her elegant and attractive beauty.

The female

Bona’s gentle and pure beauty in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” has left an unforgettable impression on the audience.

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In addition to her work as an actress, she is also known as a talented Kpop idol.

Born in 1995, Bona started her career in the entertainment industry in 2016 as a member of the Korean-Chinese girl group project called Cosmic Girls (WJSN). In her group, she is the member with outstanding beauty.

The beauty has an oval face with harmonious lines, from “smiling” eyes to a high and slim nose bridge. Her “divine” angle is likened to a beautiful and elegant lady. In particular, Ji Yeon also has a talent to adapt flexibly, “weighing” all shapes from attractive, sharp to lovely, clear.

The female
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In addition to the face without dead corners, the female “Twenty Five, Twenty One” also has a model-like body with long straight legs and an admirable “ant” waist. All these things have made the actress one of the “fans” of WJSN. She also ranked 9th in the top 100 female idols most loved by the Korean lesbian community.

The female

Although only 1m64 high, Bona has legs and waist that occupy the “spotlight”.

The female

Her waistline just fits the width of an A4 page (about 50cm).

Kim Ji Yeon’s beauty has been compared with famous seniors like Black Pink, Twice nice Red Velvet. Although she is one of the few idols who are commented to have “actor-level” beauty, Bona suffers many disadvantages when debuting in an unknown group.

The female

The female idol comes from Daegu, the land that has “produced” countless beautiful men and women for Kpop.

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The female

Along with that flawless beauty, Bona also possesses a gifted voice and dancing talent that makes many people jealous. Recently, the actress returned with WJSN with the album “For the Summer”. This is the 2nd album after “WJ Stay?” Released in January by the Starship Girls.

Converging enough for both talent and beauty, fans also hope Bona can break through to the top of the most famous Kpop beauty goddesses of the 3rd generation.

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The female
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The female
The female
The female

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