Quickly grab the opportunity to “duet” with the Indie Prince

So in the end, PUBG Mobile also celebrated his 4th birthday after a year of extremely exciting activities. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the game has continued its annual tradition with a massive update, loads of exciting events, and thousands of exciting prizes. Most notably, the Livestream to celebrate 4 years of breakthrough: “Colorful Chicken Party” taking place tonight (April 4) is one of the outstanding activities not to be missed. Not only bringing a warm and gathering night of events, gamers PUBG Mobile You will also have the opportunity to interact directly with a series of famous guests!

Quickly grab the opportunity to

Countless pleasant surprises are waiting for you at Colorful Chicken Party 04/04!

Besides the presence of the famous KOLs: NamShinn, Bo Bim, Ngan Assassin, Phan Ann… the audience will also have the opportunity to interact with “Youth Idol” – Indie Prince – Vu! It is known that this guy is also a skilled gunman with 3 years of experience running non-stop. Surely, Vu’s appearance will be a unique experience with the most anticipated “1-0-2” at tonight’s Livestream!

Quickly grab the opportunity to

What are you waiting for without quickly owning a “slot” duet with idol Vu today?

In particular, during the Livestream, the audience can also receive a series of extremely attractive gifts with a total value of up to 65,000 UC! Just watch hard, interact enthusiastically, the opportunity to win unexpected benefits from the “rain” of gift codes during the premiere is extremely large. In addition, BTC will also choose the 20 luckiest players to participate in the lottery at the end of the Livestream with many amazing prizes!

Quickly grab the opportunity to

Don’t forget to comment on the livestream with the syntax !notify + role ID + birthday wishes to PUBG MOBILE to win a chance to receive gifts!

Specifically, 3 lucky people with Chi Ton dignity will receive 30,000 UC! 5 people with Diamond dignity will get 4,000 UC each and 12 people with Gold dignity will receive a random permanent skin worth up to 1500 UC for each person! That’s why, don’t miss the Colorful Chicken Party event at 19 pm tonight, April 4! crab-pubg-mobile-20220404143516071.chn

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