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Regrets, please reunite but I was dumbfounded on the spot when my ex-wife told me a secret

04/04/2022 07:47 GMT+7

Because of past injuries, my ex-wife not only refused to come back, but also said heartbreaking words that made me cry on the spot.

Our marriage of 5 years ended because of the appearance of a third person. My wife and I have 2 small children. After the breakup, we shared one child each.

That day, I could not overcome the temptation from the secretary to fall for her scheme. At that time, my family was also not very happy, partly because of the friction in married life, partly because the wife’s side could only take care of the housework, which could not be compared with the relationships outside of society.

When I heard that the secretary was pregnant, I decided to take her home and divorce my wife, even though I really loved the children very much. But because I believe in my lover and believe that the baby in my belly is my son, at all costs, I am determined to get a divorce. Then, not long after, I received a heartbreaking ending.

Turns out, it was all a conspiracy by the other secretary to extract money from me. The company went bankrupt, the money disappeared, and the child in the lover’s womb was not mine. Everything bad comes crashing down on me.

Regrets, please reunite but I was dumbfounded on the spot when my ex-wife told me a secret

I went to my ex-wife to ask for forgiveness and wanted to restore my family. The day they met again, the ex-wife became more beautiful, but also cold, many times stronger. I offer to come back so that my children can have a complete family. However, in response to my request was a straightforward refusal from her.

She speaks: “I will never agree to go back to you, for the sake of my lost child, for my own honor. Surely you don’t know that we have another child between us, right? You came at the right time when me and him were most stressed. But I was hoping that he would be right for the sake of his children. No, you chose her, not me. Even when I said I was pregnant, he didn’t believe it, I thought I was plotting to hold him back“.

That day, I didn’t trust my wife because I was blind because I wanted to end the relationship to come to my mistress. Now I regret it, I really regret it. Hearing her say that I couldn’t hold back my tears, tears of regret and pain.

The day he abandoned me, I thought it was the greatest pain, but no, I hurt a hundred times more when my baby was gone. I promised myself I would never come back to you and now I have to live strong. Don’t expect anything more. We’re wrong, that’s enough“.

The moment my ex-wife said this, I understood that I had caused her a lot of pain. Turns out, I destroyed my own happiness and now I’m getting retribution, right?

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