Shake hands with Tokopedia on the floor, giving away more than 20 million USD to Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Singaporean drivers

Towards the initial public offering (IPO), PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk Group (referred to as GoTo for short) announced to donate more than USD 20 million to driver partners in Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.

Accordingly, driver partners in Indonesia will receive shares under the Gotong Royong Share Program, while driver partners in Vietnam and Singapore will receive gratitude gifts in the form of cash.

Andre Soelistyo, CEO of GoTo Group, said: “We have always dreamed of sharing the benefits of an IPO with our partners in the ecosystem. Through the Gotong Royong Share Program, we would like to express our gratitude to our dedicated driver partners who have contributed to the construction of the GoTo ecosystem since the early days and have shared the same hardships with us. I. GoTo wants all members of the ecosystem to enjoy the fruits of their shared success, so that we can continue to develop sustainably together.”

Almost all driver partners in Indonesia have the opportunity to participate in this program. The criteria for determining driver-partners who are eligible to receive the gift are based on a variety of factors, including the type of service, the length of time it has been active since signing up to become a partner, and the status of the driver. behavior of the driver partner.

For GoTo’s driver-partners in Vietnam and Singapore, the gratitude gift is presented in the form of cash.

GoTo’s Gotong Royong Share program is one of the most comprehensive share ownership programs (giving shares to many stakeholders) in the world today, not only benefiting driver partners. but also provides an opportunity for restaurant partners, consumers and employees to participate.

In Indonesia, GoTo’s restaurant partners and loyal customers also receive the right to pre-order GoTo shares in a fixed amount during the book-building period (stock price survey period). from 15 to 24 March 2022. Full-time employees also have the opportunity to become GoTo shareholders, through the Group’s Long-Term Bonus Plan Program, to attract and reward outstanding employees. identity, and at the same time promote the “mastery spirit” of employees.

In addition to the Gotong Royong Share Program, GoTo has also established the GoTo Future Fund from the fourth quarter of 2021, to launch and support programs and initiatives that have a positive impact on the lives of driver and restaurant partners. in GoTo’s ecosystem, while helping GoTo Group achieve its “3 nos” commitment for sustainable development (No polluting emissions, No waste and No barriers.)

Following the establishment of the GoTo Future Fund, the Group has allocated 9,350,044,200 Series A shares, with a current total value of $216 million. va-singapore-20220404154106827.chn


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