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Stop saying these 4 words, blessings will be more prosperous

A young man complained to a sage:

“Why is my luck so bad? I couldn’t meet you no matter what.”

The wise man asked him:

“How do you usually talk to people around you?”

The young man replied:

“I’m basically honest, never go round and round. A lot of relationships that used to be close are also because of a few lines of fighting.”

The wise man replied, “Blessings come from the mouth”.

In the course of life, if you want to be lucky to be able to visit and meet noble people often, you must pay attention to what they say. Be a careful person, before acting and speaking, you need to think. Not saying these words will help your path become smoother, avoid taking detours.

Stop talking straight

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Nga has always thought of himself as a very honest speaker. Once, he went to a company as a trainee. A sister brought a photo of her daughter for all to see, and everyone praised her for being so cute and like her dad. The atmosphere in the office heated up with the topic of children, until the Russian accent spoke up.

“Oh, those little eyes are just like daddy.”

Everyone said nothing, all attention was focused on the young lady in very fashionable clothes. Another sister, confused, said:

“It doesn’t seem like much. Haha.”

It seemed that he was trying to clear this awkward space, but the apprentice named Nga continued:

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. Now, cosmetic technology has developed so much. Her eyes will sparkle in the next minute. Let her do it right away, if you are beautiful, you can do anything smoothly.”

The mother only said one sentence before leaving:

“Sorry, my daughter is just an ordinary person and not the type of person you say.”

The girl immediately lost her trainee position. On the day he left, Nga still didn’t understand why he missed the opportunity to be a part of this company.

Do not act recklessly and do not speak carelessly.

Speaking indiscriminately and frankly is sometimes a bad kind of virtue, which not only hurts others but also brings unhappiness to oneself. Everyone’s feng shui is their mouth.

Stop complaining

Subtract these 4 words, blessings will be more prosperous - 2

Those who always blame heaven and others wherever they go will not be accepted. When complaints are always on the lips, things get worse and worse when problems that should be solved are not solved. The negative energy they emit makes the people around them gradually no longer want to approach.

There was a girl who lived in the university dormitory, was beautiful, was good at school, but had a weakness for complaining. In the final exam, he won first place in his class, but after receiving the transcript, he complained to everyone around him that he could have done better.

He started complaining about the teacher, saying that because the English teacher didn’t like him, he gave him low marks; complained about his roommates, because they stayed up all night studying making his sleep restless. Everyone around gradually retreated and in the end he was the only one who could listen to himself. Therefore, his friends are also gradually avoiding communication with him, if anything, they are just quick and reluctant.

We can sometimes complain about this and that as a way to let go of our emotions, but when complaining becomes a habit, you are building up and spreading negative energy that no one wants to be near. Remember that complaining doesn’t change the essence of the problem, mostly just covering up incompetence. Instead of complaining, change!

Stop talking arrogantly

Subtract these 4 words, blessings will be more prosperous - 3

The more incompetent a person is, the more arrogant he is, the more incompetent he is, the more he likes to talk nonsense.

A company recently recruited a girl named Le. Le was young and full of energy, attracting a lot of attention from those around him when he first appeared. However, whenever Le spoke of an incident, everyone was annoyed that he always displayed contempt and disrespect. Le loves to be the center of every conversation, being able to work out for hours about his accomplishments, telling people about his greatness, living an extraordinary life not an ordinary life like everyone else.

At that time, his boss assigned Le a new project with the belief that this girl would perform well. However, the result is not the same as what Le used to “explode”. After saying it a few times without being able to do it, his arrogance was greatly reduced. In the end, unable to accept poor work while his vision was too big, Le asked to leave.

As a human, don’t be too arrogant. Showing off, being shy will only make you more annoying. Learning to be humble, living in harmony with everyone around is wise. Always remember to respect others and leave the way out for yourself.

Stop saying bad words

Subtract these 4 words, blessings will be more prosperous - 4

“Knife wounds are easy to heal, evil words are difficult to remove”. Evil words can hurt people more than bullets or sharp weapons. Words of ridicule and sarcasm are trampling on a person’s dignity and worth. You might think it’s just a joke, but to the listener, it’s an incurable wound that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Language is a double-edged sword that can warm people’s hearts and can also kill others. “Its mouth can release roses, it can also release frogs.”

If you want to live in peace, receive many blessings, you must know how to “cultivate your mouth,” that is, to cultivate your mouth. A spoken word needs to be considered, taking into account the feelings of others. Do not say words that hurt others, even if it is the truth, it should be considered carefully.

Cultivating Xinxing and doing good deeds is one’s best feng shui. How far you can go depends on your attitude towards life. Less annoying words, less hurtful words, you can get along with other people and live a peaceful and free life.

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