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Temporarily suspending medical staff

On April 4, according to a reporter’s source, NNM (born in 2021, living in Cho Thu A hamlet, Tam Giang Tay commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province) is being monitored and cared for at the Faculty of Interior of Ca Mau Obstetrics – Pediatrics Hospital.

Health baby’s stability, gradual recovery and the possibility of discharge in the next few days.

8-month-old baby was injected with the wrong COVID-19 vaccine: Temporarily suspending medical staff - 1

A medical worker was temporarily suspended from work after giving the wrong injection COVID-19 vaccine for a little girl about 8 months old. (Illustration)

On April 1, the Center for Disease Control of Ca Mau province received information that the baby NNM, weighing 7.4 kg (living in Cho Thu A hamlet, Tam Giang Tay commune, Ngoc Hien district) was injected with the wrong vaccine during the open vaccination campaign. wide in Tam Giang Tay commune. The center sent a working group to the area to verify and clarify the case.

Accordingly, the vaccination session on the morning of April 1 at the Tam Giang Tay Commune Health Station had 30 children. The vaccines indicated for NNM babies are SII (5-in-1 vaccine) and OPV. Through actual verification, the vaccine injected to baby M. is Pfizer with a dose of 0.3ml.

When it was discovered that the wrong vaccine was given to baby M. at 8:30 a.m. on April 1, the doctor CMD reported the incident to the Head of the Health Station.

Baby M. was brought into the ward for health monitoring immediately after detecting the incident. After that, Tam Giang Tay Commune Health Station informed the mother of baby M. about the incident and instructed the family on how to care for and monitor the baby’s post-injection reaction.

To ensure the safety of baby M., the Health Station transferred him to the Emergency Department, Ngoc Hien District Medical Center to monitor his health. At about 12 o’clock on the same day, the baby was transferred to Ca Mau Obstetrics – Pediatrics Hospital for further monitoring.

Before this incident, the leader of the Department of Health of Ca Mau province directed to urgently rectify the vaccination work, to prevent similar incidents from happening. Currently, the locality has temporarily suspended the work of employees directly performing the profession; at the same time, hold a meeting to check and report on the vaccination process to the Department of Health and the Provincial Center for Disease Control.

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