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The boy drew pictures to confess his crush, read the message inside but many adults laughed

It is not uncommon for students to have feelings and write love letters to the other party. But that affection often appears in high school students or at least the last grades of junior high school. In elementary school, love is often just an initial sexual feeling. So there are also funny situations around.

As most recently on a forum, netizens are passing on a picture of a love letter from the students sent to their crush. In addition to cute content, innocent confessions, you also use a series of quite lively words.

Confession letter from 5th graders

In December 2014, the online community continuously shared a photo of a love letter believed to be from a 5th grade student in China. The letter was written to send to her classmate crush.

  - Photo 1.

A very cute love letter from a student to his crush.

Male student wrote: “Last time, you were the best friend I ever had. Because I didn’t have the courage to tell the truth, I was shy to write letters and sneak like this. I guess you liked me from the look The first time and didn’t dare to confess. Last time you were waiting for my confession, right?”.

The letter ends with a rather cheesy confession: “My love for you is so deep, as deep as a bottomless pit”. This play on words has shown the boy’s sincere feelings from the bottom of his heart. Don’t know how this friend will react after seeing the letter?

A love letter promising a hundred years

A letter is said to be from a 4th grader with a romantic sentence that surprised the reader. It includes the passage: “I can’t love you anymore, please promise me you’ll marry me!”. This guy seems quite in a hurry, even the wedding ring is ready. This makes people think a lot about today’s elementary school students, when at such a young age, they already have a hundred-year oath.

  - Photo 2.

The love letter also drew an illustration proposing to a crush.

Love letter drawing marriage registration certificate

Finally, an even more interesting love letter, here the student confessed her love by drawing outside the letter a drawing of the marriage certificate. If this friend’s parents knew, they would be shocked!

Reading the contents of these letters, everyone laughed, right from elementary school, boys and girls come into contact with each other and begin to feel a feeling for the opposite sex. A child’s “like” pattern is a normal part of psychological well-being. However, they still need the attention and guidance of parents and teachers.

At the same time, through this story, parents should also be very careful if their children know how to love early, at this time should not ban it immediately or make a fuss. Parents must choose to analyze the good and bad things about their child’s impulsive feelings, skillfully learn about private relationships to give children advice on lifestyle and behavior.

The most taboo thing is that parents have harsh words, insult their children, wiretapped their phones or read diaries, scour Facebook, their children’s emails, and forbid their children to contact you. Doing so will make you very angry and feel that you are not comfortable living. Many cases of children intending to commit suicide, run away from home because of the intervention of their parents.

Instead of being violently forbidding, approach your child gently as a trusted friend to help guide your child’s emotional development in the right direction.

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