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The most complete and standard 2022 Thanh Minh New Year offering tray

During the Qingming Festival, Vietnamese people often arrange a time to clean up the graves of the deceased, also known as graves.

Along with a tray of offerings outside the grave, the family There will be an offering tray at home to express gratitude and remembrance to ancestors and grandparents.

These two offerings also depend on the conditions of each family, it is not necessary that the tray is full, as long as the owner is sincere.

The most complete and standard 2022 Thanh Minh New Year offering tray
Families often prepare 2 offerings at home and outside the grave during the Qingming New Year.

Ceremony tray New Year’s Eve at home usually include:

– Away tea

– Bananas

– Fruit cake

– Salted rice

– Burns

– Betel and areca

– Votive

– Water bottles

Before conducting the Thanh Minh New Year worship, family members need to clean the house to be clean and tidy. The ancestral altar should be carefully cleaned from the day before. In addition, those who do worship should dress neatly and neatly.

Thanh Minh worshiping tray outside the grave You need to prepare some basic offerings:

– Confectionery, fruit

– Gold coins, five-color paper, paper clothes

– Fresh betel nut

– Clean water, white wine

– Incense lights

– Vegetarian or salty offerings to offer to each grave

In addition, depending on the custom of each region, you can offer an extra set of three slugs consisting of a piece of pork, a shrimp or crab and a chicken or duck egg.

Before going to the ancestors’ graves, members should prepare some items such as shovels and hoes to easily clean the area around the grave.

Usually, when going to the grave, the elders and elders in the family will be in charge of worshiping.

While conducting the worshiping ceremony, the surrounding children and grandchildren should join their hands and sincerely bow. Besides, during the worship should also limit laughing and talking to show respect to the ancestors.

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