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The process of breaking into the green machine, tying the security guard to kill and rob the cheeky young man

The Hanoi People’s Procuracy recently completed the indictment and prosecuted Nguyen Minh Chuc (25 years old, Giao Lac commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province) on the crime of “robbing property”.

The investigation determined that Chuc was a subject without a stable job, at the end of November 2021 he wandered from the motel room, the purpose of which was to find a place with flawed properties to appropriate and sell for money.

When going to the supermarket Green Electric Machine (Cau Dien Street, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi) through observing this young man thought of breaking into here to steal property.

The next morning, Chuc prepared tools including 2 elastic bands to tie goods, 1 set of L-shaped screws, plastic drawstrings, adhesive tapes… to put in his backpack.

On the evening of November 28, 2021, he wore a jacket, carried a backpack containing the above tools, wore a grab shirt, rode a motorbike and hid the backpack in the Mai Dich Lake Park area.

At dawn the next morning, he rode his motorbike to the gate of Cau Dien market, set up his motorbike and walked to the door of Dien May Xanh supermarket.

At the moment, there are employees in the supermarket who are sleeping on cushions on the floor near the cell phone display cabinet. After observing, Chuc turned off the supermarket’s circuit breaker.

However, because there were still people on the street outside, and to make sure the male employee was asleep, Chuc rode a motorbike to the beginning of Ho Tung Mau Street to wait.

More than an hour later, he rode his motorbike to the place where the backpack was hidden and returned to the supermarket, parked on the sidewalk in the pedestrian tunnel area.

After that, he walked and looked inside the supermarket and saw the male employee sleeping. The defendant used the hand to turn the screw and unscrew the screw on the left door handle.

However, the handle inside the door still hadn’t come off, so Chuc broke a tree branch, used it to push the handle inside, opened the door to break in.

Next, Chuc took a knife, adhesive tape, and a plastic drawstring to the south to protect and then put the knife to the neck to control the victim.

When the male guard reacted, causing his hand to cut and bleed, Chuc shouted “Shut up, I won’t kill” so the victim was forced to lie still, close his eyes.

The function then used the carrying rope to tie the hands and feet, and glued the victim’s mouth with tape. After that, this young man stole 77 phones of all kinds, 6 laptops, 56 wrist watches… a safe and put it on a motorbike to take it away.

The position of hiding stolen property is in the inn. As for the safe, he took it to the field and used a hammer to break it to get more than 205 million dong inside.

The phone was obtained, Chuc took a photo and posted it for sale on the “Good Market” application. Between December 2 and 3, 2021, he sold 16 phones.

Selling the phone, Chuc paid more than 220 million VND (including money in the safe) to a bank account in his name.

At 8 pm on the same day, when he brought 4 iPhones to a store in My Dinh 1 ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi to unlock, he was discovered and arrested by the police.

During the investigation, the supermarket reported that the stolen property included 77 phones, 6 laptops, 76 watches…

At the investigating agency, Chuc confessed that he had only appropriated 77 phones, 6 laptops, 56 wristwatches…. The defendant said that when he brought the stolen property, he was transported to the motel room. , did not fall.

As a result of the search and testimony, the investigating agency determined that the amount of property the robber had appropriated (including money in the safe) was nearly 900 million VND.

As for other property that the supermarket reported as lost, the investigating agency found that there were not enough grounds to determine that Chuc had appropriated it. Therefore, the investigating agency has separated the documents related to these properties for clarification and later processing. The representative of the supermarket asked the accused to pay nearly 862 million VND in compensation. htm

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