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The romantic love story of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh with his wife 21 years younger

In addition to the role of actor, director, artist Cong Ninh (60 years old) is also the Dean of the Faculty of Directing at the University of Theater and Cinema, Ho Chi Minh City. He is a familiar face appearing in many Vietnamese film projects, loved by the audience with his sincere and gentle acting on the small screen.

In 2012, Cong Ninh married voice actress Tran Thi Tuyet Van, 21 years younger than him. Although there is a big difference in age and outlook on life, it is undeniable that the affection of the artist couple Cong Ninh is very deep, thinking for each other and for the family a lot. The two are currently living happily with their 9-year-old daughter.

Talking about the chance to meet, Tuyet Van said that when she entered the University of Theater and Film, Mr. Cong Ninh was very famous, but she only considered her colleague. On the side of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh, he shared that he was “missing” after Tuyet Van once came to say hello: “Actually, at that time, I was not impressed at all, just thought that the students came to visit the teacher normally. Then, suddenly, when she returned home, she felt enlightened, this little girl also had something that made her feel nostalgic. I found a way to contact and then the two teachers and students talked to each other.”

The romantic love story of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh with his 21-year-old wife - 1

The husband and wife of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh and Tuyet Van.

Referring to the love anniversary, the artist couple Cong Ninh made the two MCs excited with an interesting emotional development.

Tuyet Van revealed that she was also a little afraid of the age gap, but also gradually realized that the male artist was not so perfect but also had shortcomings and clumsy, so she opened her heart more. She recalled the love memory: “At that time, I just thought of going to the movies with my teacher because we both liked that American actor. I watched the movie very focused, but looking at the picture that turned and hugged my head and said ‘I’m so sorry’, I froze and didn’t dare to turn to look at the teacher.

Sitting next to him, the male artist was shy and embarrassed when his wife mentioned the old story and was told by his colleagues that he looked like his grandson, making him “shocked” to the point of falling off his chair. Regaining his composure, artist Cong Ninh humorously “fires”: “If I love, I say I love, if I like to hug, I say I like to hug. At that time, I didn’t dare to kiss, I just held on. I don’t even know what movie it is.”

At the “unmasking” part of her partner, Tuyet Van made her husband Cong Ninh sweat. She revealed: “TWhen we got to know each other, he wasn’t romantic anymore, I was so angry that he said that when he was ‘craving’, he had to. He often forgets, his phone number or his wife’s birthday can’t remember. I was going to blame it, but thinking about it, he doesn’t even remember his birthday. For a child raising child, it won’t be too protective, but he’s overdoing it. Since then, there have been consequences, my children were not afraid of heights before, but now they are. He is often worried with fantasizing about things that have not happened, or have no chance to happen. That makes the image consume a lot of mental gray matter and health.”

The romantic love story of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh with his 21-year-old wife - 2

Wedding photo of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh

Tuyet Van also revealed that her husband was jealous, but she understood that it came from the fact that the husband wanted to protect the family, did not want anything unexpected to be disbanded. She still regularly affirms to her husband that she is already the type she likes, no need to worry anymore.

On the artist side, Cong Ninh also accepted this “disclosure” statement of his wife, adding: “Maybe I’ve lost my attraction to that woman so I’m afraid. Maybe her behavior in society, her friends are very comfortable. It confused me, but later I understood that it wasn’t what I thought it was. Two generations living together in a marriage have conflicts that they can’t resolve, two different thoughts.”

When MC Quoc Thuan wanted to listen to Tuyet Van share about her husband’s serious illness, she couldn’t contain her emotions but hugged her face and cried without words.

The romantic love story of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh with his 21-year-old wife - 3

The happy little family of Meritorious Artist Cong Ninh.

Artist Cong Ninh on behalf of his wife: “At that time I had very bad pneumonia, thinking I might die. My wife is still too young and the child has just been born, so I don’t want to disturb her, but I want her to focus on taking care of the children. I separated in a separate space, only asking a few friends and relatives to exercise completely on their own for a year to recover. I feel like I’ve come back from the door of death. When it comes to this, it makes sense for her to cry. At that time, I did not tell my wife how dangerous my condition was. My job is acting, I act like nothing happened.”

Tuyet Van choked on poverty and expressed that she was very sorry when she did not know the extent of her husband’s illness until the day he recovered from his illness and shared with reporters that he came to him because he wanted to take care, but in the days of birth, he died. not on the side. MC Hong Van and artist Cong Ninh all expressed that Tuyet Van had done a great job taking care of her children, being a great spiritual support to help the male artist recover and she didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Talking about what she wants to change in her partner, Tuyet Van expressed: “I want him to think freely, I need to feel that my husband respects me. Sometimes he sees that I’m young, so he acts like a student.”. Listening to his wife’s share, artist Cong Ninh also reflected: “I want Van to be more sophisticated, support me to take care of the family. Sometimes she’s so carefree, I have to take care of everything. Starting today, I will let Van decide for herself in life as well as in work.”

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