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“The shopkeeper” wears a completely different look from the countryside in the movie The Way to the Flower Country-Fashion

Monday, 04/04/2022 06:25 AM (GMT+7)

Anh Dao surprises with sexy fashion in real life.

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Shaping actor Anh Dao as a “country girl” in the movie “The way to the flower land”.

In these days, the movie “The Way to the Flower Domain” is receiving the attention and love of TV-loving audiences. Because the content of the work is close, it tells about the lives of young men and women of a suburban village in their life journey and getting rich. In particular, the crew of young actors such as Anh Dao, Trong Lan, Phi Son… were also praised for their acting.

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Anh Dao is being evaluated as a promising actress of Vietnamese television.

In it, special attention is paid to the village girl Thanh (played by Anh Dao) with her pretty appearance, straightforward personality and a little bit of bitterness. From the owner of a lemon tea shop, Thanh has become a farmer who loves to grow flowers and develops feelings for the character Loi “cow’s head”. Anh Dao’s natural acting style and impressive appearance contributed to the success of the role.

In the movie, he is so used to Thanh often defaulting to a high-walled style that includes a shirt and jeans, but few people know, in real life, Anh Dao is the complete opposite. Recently, photos of her wearing a swimsuit, showing off her beautiful body have been praised by the online community.

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Transforming with a rustic look in the movie, Anh Dao in real life is extremely sexy and sexy.

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She confidently showed off her figure in a one-piece swimsuit with a trendy cut-out.

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Owning a slim body, Anh Dao is comfortable wearing all different styles.

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In the photo, she wears a skirt set with a crop-top shirt, showing off her slim waist.

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The actress prefers a healthy, youthful style but still sexy enough.

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Anh Dao often prioritizes simple, dynamic items that are suitable for a 9X girl.

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