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The unexpected end for the Russian Regiment caused the tragedy of 400 Ukrainian soldiers killed

Forbes magazine (USA) reported that eight years ago, an elite Russian paratrooper regiment played a central role in the tragedy for hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers. Now it was they – the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment that suffered significant losses in the fighting around Kyiv.

According to open intelligence sources, about 50 paratroopers of the 331st Regiment were killed in Ukraine. The number of people injured could be in the hundreds or more, not to mention the missing people. Members of the 331st Regiment, including the commander – Colonel Sergei Sukharev – also died in battle (see details for details). here).

American newspaper: The unexpected ending for the Russian Regiment caused the tragedy of 400 Ukrainian soldiers killed - Photo 1.

Ukrainian media published images believed to be Colonel Sergei Sukharev (Photo: prm.ua)

Losing up to one-tenth of its troops in just a few weeks could render the 331st Regiment incapacitated until reinforcements arrived.

Analyst Rob Lee, from the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies in Philadelphia, calculated the losses of the 331th Regiment. Meanwhile, the BBC (UK) reported on the Ukrainian armed forces’ damage. damage to this regiment.

They also told an amazing story. According to the BBC, the 331th Regiment was one of the Russian units that fought in Bucha. It is one of several units deployed by the Kremlin to eastern Ukraine in 2014 to support Russian-backed separatists.

After Russian and separatist forces surrounded the Ukrainian army in Ilovaisk, commanders on both sides agreed to a ceasefire to allow trapped Ukrainians to leave Ilovaisk through the so-called “humanitarian corridor”. “.

However, according to BBC News, this commitment was broken, more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers died trying to withdraw.

The Ukrainian army captured 10 members of the 331st Regiment in Ilovaisk, thereby determining the Regiment’s role in the incident.

During the battle around Kyiv this past March, the 331th Regiment’s fortunes were reversed. The 33rd Regiment’s BMD and BTR-D amphibious assault vehicles, which are lightweight to facilitate transport by Il-76 aircraft, offer little protection against Ukrainian missiles and artillery.

Photos of destroyed BMDs and BTR-Ds in Ukraine have gone viral on social media. Analysts confirm that so far, Russia has lost at least 150 BMD and BTR-D. According to Forbes, the actual number is almost certainly much larger.


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