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The unsold iPhone SE 2022 has been slow in Vietnam

Near the time of release in the domestic market, but many stores, the system said that the iPhone SE 2022 has very few interested and pre-ordered customers.

“The number of subscribers to receive information on the sale of iPhone SE 2022 is slightly higher than the iPhone SE 2020 but still too small compared to standard iPhone models like 11,12 or 13”, representing a device retail system. Apple shared. According to statistics of this unit, users’ interest is lower than iPhone 13 mini – the version that accounts for only about 3-4% of total sales of iPhone models sold on the market.

“The biggest reason is that the selling price is higher than expected. Before the launch, many people asked and confirmed if it was less than 10 million dong, they would pay for it. However, with 12.5 million dong, customers There are many other attractive options,” said Ngoc Tuyen, owner of an iPhone store.

In the price range of iPhone SE 2022, users can buy iPhone 11 64 GB version and still be sold genuine for the same price of 12.5 million. This is also the segment of some large-screen, powerful Android phone models such as the Galaxy S21 FE or Xiaomi 11T Pro.

Representatives of some Apple device retail systems said that pre-order and promotion programs for iPhone SE 2022 will start about a week before the release date on April 15. However, the promotion, gift or discount is considered insignificant compared to many other high-end Android smartphones, so it is difficult to turn the situation around for this model. “We have predicted the market demand for this product is not high, but the product still has a full version and color to serve those who need it on the first day of sale,” a representative of a system said. retail said.

Unlike large systems, some retail iPhone stores said they might consider not selling iPhone SE 2022. “The number of interested buyers is low, so we will not be able to import this model. Usually iPhones. SE or iPhone mini, if sold, only focus on the first time, then almost no customers ask,” said Mr. Ngoc Tuyen.

iPhone SE 2022. Photo: Quang Dong

iPhone SE 2022. Photo: Quang Dong

Apple’s “good price” iPhone models often do poorly in Vietnam. The previous iPhone SE 2020 also only existed in systems for a few months before simultaneously out of stock due to low demand. The iPhone 12 mini, 13 mini versions are also always in the position of least interest among the iPhone models being sold. Vietnamese consumers, like many other Asian countries, often prefer models with the largest screen like the Pro Max series.

Before that, according to Nikkei Asia, Apple has reduced production of the iPhone SE 2022 less than two weeks after it went on sale in some markets. The difference is about two to three million machines – equivalent to 20% of the order of the original assembly partners. The move is attributed to the impact of the conflict in Ukraine and signs of a decline in demand for electronics.

iPhone SE 2022 debut March 8 and sold from March 18. The device maintains the same design as the SE 2020 and iPhone 8 from 2017. The product has the same size as the iPhone 13 mini, but the screen is smaller, only 4.7 inches, due to the thick border, comes with an edge fingerprint sensor. below. The device also causes much controversy both in terms of design, configuration and price of 429 USD – higher than 399 USD of previous iPhone SE models.

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