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The woman in underwear walks in the middle of the street, it’s sad to know the reason behind-Young man

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 00:05 AM (GMT+7)

Getting married, any woman wants to marry a kind and loving husband. However, if they marry the wrong husband, they will have to suffer a lot.

The woman in underwear walks in the middle of the street, it's sad to know the reason behind - 1

Wang’s husband drove the car to follow. Photo: CEN

One day, people living in the Yushan district, Jiangxi province, China said they saw Wang Ni walking in the middle of the street in a state of only wearing a bra, holding a sign with the words “I want to sell yourself”.

The 33-year-old woman is said to have been beaten and humiliated by her husband, Zhang, 37, while he drove behind.

According to the Mirror, the two have two daughters, but Zhang has to spend a lot of time at work and lives in another city, where he runs a real estate development company. The couple’s friends said that Zhang often blamed his wife because, after 10 years of marriage, she had only given birth to two daughters without a son.

On a rare visit home, Zhang and a few friends went out to drink. These people spread rumors that Wang Ni is having an affair with another man. When he arrived home in a state of euphoria, Zhang angrily beat his wife, accused her of being unfaithful, stripped her clothes, and marched on the streets.

After the police received the news, they quickly brought Wang Ni to the station and summoned Zhang for questioning. The results showed that Wang did not cheat on her husband and what Zhang heard were just baseless rumors.

Zhang was forced to apologize to his wife and write a formal apology to her in a local newspaper.

Consequences of husband’s unreasonable jealousy

Unreasonable jealousy is the main cause of death of a marriage. When living with a husband who is suspicious, or jealous for no reason, will make women feel tired, pressured and depressed. This is also the source of conflict between husband and wife.

Because the husband always lives in an insecure feeling, he will doubt everything, care too much, also make them suspicious, but also indifferently blamed. Living in a life like this is truly torture.

Men who are jealous for no reason, if their jealousy is excessive and they often feel haunted by their wife’s infidelity, they are most likely falling into paranoia. The root cause of people suffering from this jealousy is mainly because they suffer from psychological trauma. Maybe they have been betrayed in love or married life, maybe their childhood was not happy, they are always afraid that the person they love will leave. Or they themselves always think that they are not worthy of their wives, they have low self-esteem.

For jealous husbands, it is easy for them to deduce and misunderstand everything, because jealously, if their wives do something shady, do not tell them, they are very suspicious of their wives. So, the best way is to make all your relationships public, friends and colleagues let him know, wherever you go, you should tell your husband a sentence.

The woman in underwear walks in the middle of the street, it's sad to know the reason behind - 2


You absolutely should not hide or open anything, it is easy to make your husband lose faith in you. Leading to more suspicion of his wife, more jealousy. If I am pure, I have nothing to hide from my husband, it takes his work to deduce and then get jealous, making both of us tired. For example, where to go to play, gather with friends, just happily ask him to go together, maybe there he comes in contact with your friends, he will have a different view of his wife. Maybe his friends will help him get rid of the thoughts of doubting his wife in his head, helping him trust his wife more.

And when you are busy with something and don’t come home early, you should also let him know, talk to your husband at every meeting, like wherever you are with someone, you report to that husband. With a jealous person, being open about all your relationships and always letting them know your schedule will help them gain more confidence in you. The husband will always feel confident in his wife, because his wife never hides or hides anything from him.

You should also spend time with your husband. All his anger comes from a cause. For example, he is not happy that you come home late from work, or you go to a party with everyone. Or simply because you meet someone, you also show a warm, happy, enthusiastic attitude. This makes him feel uncomfortable, especially when you give this openness to men.

Therefore, take the time for the couple to confide and listen to his sharing. When you understand your husband’s thoughts and thoughts, you will know the most appropriate way to behave. At the same time, you should also share with him how you feel when he is always suspicious, so that he understands that his actions can make marriage life difficult.

Remember, jealousy is like a double-edged sword, it can make you happier, happier. But it can also make your love life exhausting and suffocating. Jealousy is also the cause of killing the love of two people when you do not know how to control your own jealousy, leading to blind, unreasonable jealousy. As a wife, you should clearly recognize the problem and find ways to help your husband change his unreasonable jealousy, help him understand the harmful effects of being jealous and how it affects your happiness.

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